Unsecured Borders

We sometimes impose ourself in the aura of another or experience this happening to ourselves. For me this causes a very heavy sensation and I am suddenly, very tired. When I am rested and for no apparent reason fighting falling to sleep, I ask myself if this might be the cause. If I determine it is the cause I consider who the person is and ask them to attend to their own appointment. Suddenly I am refreshed, no longer fighting sleep. For me this takes place in the realm where image is substance and I use divination to make the various determinations as to who, what and why. As I consider this I can see the weakness but not its definition. I will use this post to consider and define this opportunity.

I do not understand the breach and so I will divine it as I work this post and the post will represent that, a mysticism.

Firstly it represents an opportunity that I call appointment. This is a condition I experience over and over again and so it is a call to understand it. An appointment. It represents a porous condition that I think must be missed appointment. Generally, we all miss appointments and that causes a collective that is common and we can confuse. This confuse is the heaviness, the sudden tiredness, I feel, when my aura has the weight of more than one occupant. It represents a common thread in the collective of missed appointment whereby we can confuse our aura. In my last post I wrote of the superego. I think that this confusion is tied to the rules of engagement between id, ego and community that is the superego. That of course would be the commonly held falsehoods that we impose on ourself this way. The superego is not intended to hold falsehoods or to impose.

The only remaining challenge is to discover and keep the missed appointment. Missed appointments in the superego, that are represented as false rules of engagement, were generally made in youth, often very early youth. We then structure ourself by applying these rules. We imagine some difficulty in working around, beyond, or in correcting them. Collectively we agree that this is so. The true difficulty is in maintaining silly rules that are not true. Because these rules are held collectively there is also a collective effort to maintain and repress any correction. This is in particularly true when a person has held these views, in the community of their circumstance, for a lifetime. All of this is subtle and there is a whisper, a conversation, heard and ignored by all, that maintains it.

The most pressing appointment I see for myself in all of this is twofold. First this blog because clearly, it is my current avenue of growth. Secondly it is to address my irritation born of all of this. I am certain we all see this and I am irritated that I can not just ignore it as seems to be the norm. For me this ignorance requires willful deliberate determination. It makes a mess of my attitude and my disposition. Been there, done that and have no inclination to revisit it. It is this irritation, that I have, that is the breach in my aura. I simply have to keep my appointments instead of the irritation. And that is my mysticism on the issue of Psychic Weight.

The Mystic Tourist

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