Finished With Waiting

Much time is spent in anticipation. Things will be favorable later and then we will act. Making plans to someday do what we might otherwise be doing assures that it is not being done. We do plan and make priorities. This scenario is active execution and we are not waiting. We fill much of our time expecting that later we will be able to do what we can not do today not even knowing what that might be. It is because we fill our time with what we do not have to do. Many of the norms used to guide us demand this of us. We wait for the messiah or the new age, armageddon, rapture. The prophets and messiahs we recognize had finished with waiting and that is what distinguishes them from the rest. When you are under the wheels of war, that is armageddon. Waiting for the rapture, is waiting, in the embrace of its full measure. The new age only arrives now. When we recognize our priorities and act on them, now.

Only in accepting that it is my responsibility to do, what must be done, can there be any hope that it will ever be done. It must be what I am doing now. Each of us knows what we have to do and we alone can decide it. Satisfaction and fulfillment have the same measure for each but not the same application. The commonality is that we must do it now. The press of now is where we must resolve ourself. We have no other time. It is always time to act on what we must do and only appropriate to do it now.

We can only decide what we must do by doing it.

The Mystic Tourist

One thought on “Finished With Waiting

  1. I have been a seeker of inner truth for over 35yrs. After a very long search I have finally discovered the power of awareness and how i have been creating my reality all the time whether conscious of it or not.


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