Muck Murk Clear

Every possibility is with us, always. We are never without the resources to make the best, worst, or some combination thereof, of our circumstance. In my last post, Reclaiming Place, I wrote of attribute and its relationship to place. Attribute determines clarity. It is not the only factor but without attention to this detail one can not hope for clarity. It is attribute that empowers confidence. That we are in control. When we attribute how we think and feel to ourself, attribute is true. When we attribute how we think and feel to external forces, our attribute is false. The influence of external force is also true but how we think and feel is not determined by it.

We can not be made a victim except by our own mind. When we attribute our condition, how we think and feel, to things beyond our control, we are our own victim. When we determine we are not in control, that we are in some way a victim, we begin to sink. The further we sink the murkier things become and we become mired in the muck of circumstance. Clarifying our attribute clarifies control empowering us to see. With sight we exercise control.

We can not find our way if we do not see it. I am tempted to say we become stuck when we can not see our way, but, I do not believe we can get stuck. We progress or digress depending on our choice. If we do not decide to make the best of our circumstance then we make something else of it.

The Mystic Tourist

Reclaiming Place

Place, to be where we want to be, must accept our control. More often than that we are controlled by our place. Living we collect a person whom we consider to be our person. Generally we consider our person to be fundamentally static, a fixed identity. We imagine that we control the things we do but spend little time on defining the attributes of the person we want to be. In matters of self fulfillment we must decide our attributes.

In the structure that is our person attribute is place. It is as our gravity from where we respond or react. I have found that I can specifically affect place and inform my attribute to be the place I want to be. I bring to place an affirmation and fix it there. By being grounded place is fixed or obvious. This provides the opportunity to inform it.

The first step is to be informed as to our existing attribute. It is not possible to give our place ground if our attribute is false. It is grounding that identifies false attributes and they are corrected by simple affirmation. In grounding place is considered to be at the pelvic floor and serves as a foundation for our person.

Hara Breathing is the best way I know to establish ground. The Hara is located two inches below the naval and, within, at the center of, your body. Letting myself ‘be’ at my hara I breath from there drawing in my breath from my core. With my breath I draw in chi (energy) and connect it to the ground. Connecting heaven and earth. The energy of life is drawn down the front of my body and into the ground. It fills the front of the body as I inhale and falls down the back as I exhale and into the ground. As if my arms were raised when the energy fills my front it passes past my fingertips to heaven returning from there it fills my back as it passes into the ground. When I write of Heaven it is without preconception. It is its own and defines itself.

In this process I correct my attribute using affirmation and fix it using grounding as my tool. My attribute is my place and place is the first chakra. The connection of heaven and earth by grounding also requires the alignment of the seven chakra’s. This the way life has shown me but there may well be others. When we choose to take a journey and be some place it is the doing that makes the difference. I have written about my use and understanding of chakras here.

The Mystic Tourist

Community Participation

One thing that has vexed me for some time is the subtle exchange between myself and acquaintance. In exposing myself I draw attention to myself and I am sensitive to the images and sensations generated by the exchange. I think it is common to wall ourselves against this level of sensitivity and I have yet to determine how to walk with it. People project images and sensations when they consider other persons. I see and feel this stuff and it triggers a reaction that is tense. Tension, of course is a holding on, rather than a letting go. That does not work but I have yet to isolate the trigger and disable it. I want the participation of this subtle community because it is where I work.

It is easy to notice this activity as it happens to all of us. We have all had the experience where we glance over our shoulder to see, who is staring at us, only to see who it is. This level of communication takes place constantly and for the most part we choose to ignore it.

By and large I have managed the tension associated with my sensitivity by limiting my exposure. In this way I have a small community that forges an understanding that becomes static. It is quite manageable. At this time I find that I need to be more open in order to grow and so it is a new and larger dynamic.

When I was young I was quite rude to my body and harmed my back. My body remembers and those memories have become an asset. If I do not successfully manage my stress it finds my back. I am always in pain. My back always hurts. So what, it is easy to deal with. Unless I do not manage the stress. So I do. My back has been a great teacher. I am not allowed to let my stress build. The punishment for that can be quite severe.

It is trying to teach me now how to manage the images and thought projections associated with my increasing exposure. It has little to do with the community I am inviting. It is about my own sensitivity to exposure.

The Mystic Tourist

Stress Overload

Stress Overload. In my last post I wrote of having rediscovered an alignment that allows for grounding. It allows for greater clarity of appointment; recognition of the one thing that at any time we are given to do. It has been very stressful, disrupting my life as I align myself with this concentration of purpose. It has brought me to remember another forgotten alignment, now.

The hara is a powerful center and when activated, a force that concentrates our whole person to one focus, now. Now is the singular constant and assures that what we have to do is made apparent. It can be a little stressful and has been for me. My back is all tore up because that is where stress likes me best. The muscle tension nearly grinds me to a halt as I assimilate a fresh perspective. Letting go of what is comfortable and familiar can be uncomfortable.

Letting focus sink from the perspective of, I-me-mine, to our core, center, the hara, begins a constant redress. A place where the only fixed thing is now. The hara is our point of origin and is constant. It is here that we can imagine a very important alignment, a foundation. It is a place of importance if you are mystically inclined as am I. At our core, the hara, now, three lines converge and create twelve right angles. The line of providence, the line of fate and the line of abundance. Appreciating these things is not so much a matter of clarity mind as it is a clarity of person. It can not be one thing we do. It has to be everything we do.

The Mystic Tourist

P.S. Sometimes my mysticism only allows me to wait. It is good to be posting again.

Ground Found

I lost the ground some time ago and have worked, without success, to restore it for a few years. I am happy to report that I have restored the circuit. It was not very difficult; as usual the difficulty was in not doing it. My thought and image constructions involving, ego, compassion and the chakra’s provided the necessary alignment and the ground was found. What finally did it was magic, better known as compassion.

Ego, represented by the third chakra, agreed to receive compassion. Compassion is an absolute and needs to connect the higher chakra’s to be received by the ego and the lower chakra’s. This created, or more accurately restored, an alignment that allows for a completed circuit by which I am grounded.

I use a visual breathing exercise involving the hara to complete this circuit. It is powerful and can be seen and felt. The hara is the body center and an important metaphysical tool. (Using images and structures of thought to achieve self, metaphysics). This restored column of the chakra’s allows for compassion to pass down the front of the body to the ground. This energy then fills the front of the body from the ground up. Arms raised the energy climbs over the head up the arms and past the fingertips. This same energy can then cascade down the back of the body, filling it as it goes. If allowed it reaches the ground and completes a circuit. This grounding is the is the first and most fundamental magic. It is called compassion.

The Mystic Tourist

Old Direction New Beginning

Direction has never been an issue for me, as near as I can tell it proceeded the appointment that is my birth. My argument has always been against it. Why should I know this direction, and then, why should I take it. It is an attitude that corrupts destination and thwarts destiny. When we fail direction we arrive where we ought not to be. We create a wrecked landscape that is our broken agreement with direction. To restore the focus that is direction we must repair what we have broken and forge a new beginning. I do not think we set out for a failed destination, it happens by distraction. We find one day we are not the way or how; we are not where we want to be.

In the ebb and flow of distraction in my life I have acquired an understanding of the mechanics of direction and its prize, destiny. It is the repair of broken agreements with direction that test us the most. Our resolve and commitment are constantly questioned and we must face, take responsibility, for what we have done. We alone can fail our direction. No other can take responsibility for that. When we find ourself seated and in agreement with direction we find that it is an easy place to be and it is curious that there could be any difficulty in arriving there.

I have written about compassion of late, most recently in my last post, it is beginning to infiltrate my place. Compassion and magic are the same thing. Compassion creates. It takes what is and makes it our destiny. Where we want to be.

The magic, compassion, is understandable. It is an absolute. It knows only one measure, it is always enough, and, it refuses none. We can refuse it and that is where our trouble begins. We can not own it, because it is absolute. When we are where it is, that is our destiny and the result of direction. It is magic because it is absolute and what is absolute is of, and only of, God.

The Mystic Tourist

Educating Ego

Ego has a propensity for mania. It tends to inflate itself beyond its means. In extreme cases we recognize this as disease or dysfunction. It is typical for ego to overstate its importance and express dominance where it is not due. It would educate us as to how we will be when really its best service to us is as a student. It grows this way when we do not realize the full complement of self and then is the obstacle to that complement. It does not mean to do this, it is just hyper-sensitive.

It is this relationship that allows empathy and compassion for others. We must first find it for ourself and then, this gift, affords the completion of self. When our ego is out-of-bounds it can only be restored by receiving compassion, and, it has to make that choice. Compassion is the bridge between the higher and lower self.

When ego is out-of-bounds it does not want any particular thing. It just wants. It can learn that this want has purpose. When ego wants what is best, and true, which is what ego it really wants, it can learn its actual importance. Having learned that, want is extinguished, and the completion of self is possible.

I have written about compassion, ego and the completion of self in earlier posts. You can read one of them here.

The Mystic Tourist