Finding The One Solution

When surveying the landscape of tradition and accepted norms that litter the boundary of proof it is apparent that what passes for proof is often only belief. More often than not people never even approach the boundary choosing instead to have faith which lacks even the basic tenants of belief. Still others never bother to look choosing instead to decide at the onset what is by imposing their definition without ever assessing what is possible. The proof in question is of the truth. Who and how we are and just what are our capabilities.

Many of us rely on the work of other persons more able than ourselves to be what we are. We rely on ‘Sacred texts’ certain that words written long ago are the best and only guide placing no confidence in our appointment and our intimate and certain embrace of what is true. Do we really need to rely on some other person or ‘Sacred text’ to guide us on the path that we traverse alone? We place so much confidence in others who have done this and what has been written about it that we never take up our own path. The steps we alone must take.

Might there be something about this proof, what is true, that dissuades us? I am guessing there is and it may well be fear, the fear of success.

There are the stories of those who are born enlightened and we assume they are more deserving than ourselves, more able. They are not. They are only an example of what we can expect of ourself. We must have confidence in ourself, in our own appointment and circumstance if we are ever to find our way. It is not for someone else to do or write about. It does not require faith. It is simply what we choose to do, or not.

The Mystic Tourist

One thought on “Finding The One Solution

  1. Greetings . May I offer my thoughts , on how that
    about six point eight billion people , can learn to
    get along . Please hear this out for a bit .

    Our generation , has been born into an intensely
    technological and populated societies . In the last
    one hundred years , our species , the Human Race ,
    has developed from steam engines , to now being
    able to walk upon the Moon .

    My grandparents , were the most wonderful
    pioneers , who survived through two World Wars ,
    and raised my parents and me , in that same time.

    If I try to look back a thousand years , it will be
    the Iron Age , before the great sailing ships and
    the railways , the Industrial Revolution . Before we
    learned to melt sand , and create glass for the
    telescope and the microscope , an learn more .

    Stone Age , to now our Space Age , we seek the
    Truth . We adapt to thrive as cultures and groups.

    2010AD . World War three , will destroy us all , and
    no-one wins . Mutually Assured Destruction .

    Our history , as a species , is recorded in the
    Geological Timescale . Melted sand , shows to *us*
    what our ancestors survived through to give today.
    If we spend some time at our Public Libraries ,
    and learn to read ” rocks ” about our history .

    Born in the Water , to crawl upon the Land , now
    able to walk upon the Moon .

    My ( our ) ancient Mums and Dads , made choices
    for survival , that gave birth , to our Vertebrate
    Family , who continueded on to be all of us Vertebrates.

    May modern Space Age knowledge , about our shared
    ancestry , unite a whole species , and resolves our
    family’s division’s .

    We are neighbors , who will not survive , without an
    adaption , to learn to get along .

    Let’s relean Mother Natures rules , that billions of
    our ancestors survived on , for the grankids future .

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