Comfort Responsibility and Contentment

Being comfortable is not much of an achievement. That was easily said. I was born comfortable and remain so as a circumstance of my birth. Those of good birth circumstance often confuse their success as being some achievement of their own while it is really more of an endowment for which we are given responsibility. Contentment, in its truest sense, marries these two and we find that we are doing what does best serve our person. We can be content without regard to circumstance but are more often ill-contented in spite of circumstance. This ill-content has a poverty of expression as we are quite busy with the business of life and our efforts to be comfortable. Our responsibilities.

Much of what we consider to be our responsibility is entirely discretionary and serves as a distraction more than anything else. This is neither good nor bad, life is a busy distraction and we are busy. Finding the time to concentrate ourself, to the one thing we are given to do, is something most of us do not find the time to do. I am not sure it is really that necessary for people, in general, to make such a discovery. After all, things remain the same regardless. For me it is what drives me and so I find that I am without comfort, contentment or responsibility unless I am addressing this singular and constant appointment.

Many people resolve to shelter this need in religion. Religion affords its members a community and concentrates resources to fulfill common interests. Religion often imposes dogma, doctrine and unquestioning faith. There is an insistence on the one true way. Much suffering and blood has been spilled for the sake of religion. We continue this to this day and it is an affront against God, humanity, and every good thing. Even against the religions that spawn this sin.

I am not a religious person. I am content to live my life of devotion to God outside of religion. That people do bad things in the name of their religion does not make religion bad. Many good things are done by religions and religious people. Good people are needed everywhere. We find them within religious communities and are as likely to find them outside of those communities.

The Mystic Tourist

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