Educating Ego

Ego has a propensity for mania. It tends to inflate itself beyond its means. In extreme cases we recognize this as disease or dysfunction. It is typical for ego to overstate its importance and express dominance where it is not due. It would educate us as to how we will be when really its best service to us is as a student. It grows this way when we do not realize the full complement of self and then is the obstacle to that complement. It does not mean to do this, it is just hyper-sensitive.

It is this relationship that allows empathy and compassion for others. We must first find it for ourself and then, this gift, affords the completion of self. When our ego is out-of-bounds it can only be restored by receiving compassion, and, it has to make that choice. Compassion is the bridge between the higher and lower self.

When ego is out-of-bounds it does not want any particular thing. It just wants. It can learn that this want has purpose. When ego wants what is best, and true, which is what ego it really wants, it can learn its actual importance. Having learned that, want is extinguished, and the completion of self is possible.

I have written about compassion, ego and the completion of self in earlier posts. You can read one of them here.

The Mystic Tourist

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