Old Direction New Beginning

Direction has never been an issue for me, as near as I can tell it proceeded the appointment that is my birth. My argument has always been against it. Why should I know this direction, and then, why should I take it. It is an attitude that corrupts destination and thwarts destiny. When we fail direction we arrive where we ought not to be. We create a wrecked landscape that is our broken agreement with direction. To restore the focus that is direction we must repair what we have broken and forge a new beginning. I do not think we set out for a failed destination, it happens by distraction. We find one day we are not the way or how; we are not where we want to be.

In the ebb and flow of distraction in my life I have acquired an understanding of the mechanics of direction and its prize, destiny. It is the repair of broken agreements with direction that test us the most. Our resolve and commitment are constantly questioned and we must face, take responsibility, for what we have done. We alone can fail our direction. No other can take responsibility for that. When we find ourself seated and in agreement with direction we find that it is an easy place to be and it is curious that there could be any difficulty in arriving there.

I have written about compassion of late, most recently in my last post, it is beginning to infiltrate my place. Compassion and magic are the same thing. Compassion creates. It takes what is and makes it our destiny. Where we want to be.

The magic, compassion, is understandable. It is an absolute. It knows only one measure, it is always enough, and, it refuses none. We can refuse it and that is where our trouble begins. We can not own it, because it is absolute. When we are where it is, that is our destiny and the result of direction. It is magic because it is absolute and what is absolute is of, and only of, God.

The Mystic Tourist

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