Ground Found

I lost the ground some time ago and have worked, without success, to restore it for a few years. I am happy to report that I have restored the circuit. It was not very difficult; as usual the difficulty was in not doing it. My thought and image constructions involving, ego, compassion and the chakra’s provided the necessary alignment and the ground was found. What finally did it was magic, better known as compassion.

Ego, represented by the third chakra, agreed to receive compassion. Compassion is an absolute and needs to connect the higher chakra’s to be received by the ego and the lower chakra’s. This created, or more accurately restored, an alignment that allows for a completed circuit by which I am grounded.

I use a visual breathing exercise involving the hara to complete this circuit. It is powerful and can be seen and felt. The hara is the body center and an important metaphysical tool. (Using images and structures of thought to achieve self, metaphysics). This restored column of the chakra’s allows for compassion to pass down the front of the body to the ground. This energy then fills the front of the body from the ground up. Arms raised the energy climbs over the head up the arms and past the fingertips. This same energy can then cascade down the back of the body, filling it as it goes. If allowed it reaches the ground and completes a circuit. This grounding is the is the first and most fundamental magic. It is called compassion.

The Mystic Tourist

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