Stress Overload

Stress Overload. In my last post I wrote of having rediscovered an alignment that allows for grounding. It allows for greater clarity of appointment; recognition of the one thing that at any time we are given to do. It has been very stressful, disrupting my life as I align myself with this concentration of purpose. It has brought me to remember another forgotten alignment, now.

The hara is a powerful center and when activated, a force that concentrates our whole person to one focus, now. Now is the singular constant and assures that what we have to do is made apparent. It can be a little stressful and has been for me. My back is all tore up because that is where stress likes me best. The muscle tension nearly grinds me to a halt as I assimilate a fresh perspective. Letting go of what is comfortable and familiar can be uncomfortable.

Letting focus sink from the perspective of, I-me-mine, to our core, center, the hara, begins a constant redress. A place where the only fixed thing is now. The hara is our point of origin and is constant. It is here that we can imagine a very important alignment, a foundation. It is a place of importance if you are mystically inclined as am I. At our core, the hara, now, three lines converge and create twelve right angles. The line of providence, the line of fate and the line of abundance. Appreciating these things is not so much a matter of clarity mind as it is a clarity of person. It can not be one thing we do. It has to be everything we do.

The Mystic Tourist

P.S. Sometimes my mysticism only allows me to wait. It is good to be posting again.

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