Reclaiming Place

Place, to be where we want to be, must accept our control. More often than that we are controlled by our place. Living we collect a person whom we consider to be our person. Generally we consider our person to be fundamentally static, a fixed identity. We imagine that we control the things we do but spend little time on defining the attributes of the person we want to be. In matters of self fulfillment we must decide our attributes.

In the structure that is our person attribute is place. It is as our gravity from where we respond or react. I have found that I can specifically affect place and inform my attribute to be the place I want to be. I bring to place an affirmation and fix it there. By being grounded place is fixed or obvious. This provides the opportunity to inform it.

The first step is to be informed as to our existing attribute. It is not possible to give our place ground if our attribute is false. It is grounding that identifies false attributes and they are corrected by simple affirmation. In grounding place is considered to be at the pelvic floor and serves as a foundation for our person.

Hara Breathing is the best way I know to establish ground. The Hara is located two inches below the naval and, within, at the center of, your body. Letting myself ‘be’ at my hara I breath from there drawing in my breath from my core. With my breath I draw in chi (energy) and connect it to the ground. Connecting heaven and earth. The energy of life is drawn down the front of my body and into the ground. It fills the front of the body as I inhale and falls down the back as I exhale and into the ground. As if my arms were raised when the energy fills my front it passes past my fingertips to heaven returning from there it fills my back as it passes into the ground. When I write of Heaven it is without preconception. It is its own and defines itself.

In this process I correct my attribute using affirmation and fix it using grounding as my tool. My attribute is my place and place is the first chakra. The connection of heaven and earth by grounding also requires the alignment of the seven chakra’s. This the way life has shown me but there may well be others. When we choose to take a journey and be some place it is the doing that makes the difference. I have written about my use and understanding of chakras here.

The Mystic Tourist

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