Muck Murk Clear

Every possibility is with us, always. We are never without the resources to make the best, worst, or some combination thereof, of our circumstance. In my last post, Reclaiming Place, I wrote of attribute and its relationship to place. Attribute determines clarity. It is not the only factor but without attention to this detail one can not hope for clarity. It is attribute that empowers confidence. That we are in control. When we attribute how we think and feel to ourself, attribute is true. When we attribute how we think and feel to external forces, our attribute is false. The influence of external force is also true but how we think and feel is not determined by it.

We can not be made a victim except by our own mind. When we attribute our condition, how we think and feel, to things beyond our control, we are our own victim. When we determine we are not in control, that we are in some way a victim, we begin to sink. The further we sink the murkier things become and we become mired in the muck of circumstance. Clarifying our attribute clarifies control empowering us to see. With sight we exercise control.

We can not find our way if we do not see it. I am tempted to say we become stuck when we can not see our way, but, I do not believe we can get stuck. We progress or digress depending on our choice. If we do not decide to make the best of our circumstance then we make something else of it.

The Mystic Tourist

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