Comfort Responsibility and Contentment

Being comfortable is not much of an achievement. That was easily said. I was born comfortable and remain so as a circumstance of my birth. Those of good birth circumstance often confuse their success as being some achievement of their own while it is really more of an endowment for which we are given responsibility. Contentment, in its truest sense, marries these two and we find that we are doing what does best serve our person. We can be content without regard to circumstance but are more often ill-contented in spite of circumstance. This ill-content has a poverty of expression as we are quite busy with the business of life and our efforts to be comfortable. Our responsibilities.

Much of what we consider to be our responsibility is entirely discretionary and serves as a distraction more than anything else. This is neither good nor bad, life is a busy distraction and we are busy. Finding the time to concentrate ourself, to the one thing we are given to do, is something most of us do not find the time to do. I am not sure it is really that necessary for people, in general, to make such a discovery. After all, things remain the same regardless. For me it is what drives me and so I find that I am without comfort, contentment or responsibility unless I am addressing this singular and constant appointment.

Many people resolve to shelter this need in religion. Religion affords its members a community and concentrates resources to fulfill common interests. Religion often imposes dogma, doctrine and unquestioning faith. There is an insistence on the one true way. Much suffering and blood has been spilled for the sake of religion. We continue this to this day and it is an affront against God, humanity, and every good thing. Even against the religions that spawn this sin.

I am not a religious person. I am content to live my life of devotion to God outside of religion. That people do bad things in the name of their religion does not make religion bad. Many good things are done by religions and religious people. Good people are needed everywhere. We find them within religious communities and are as likely to find them outside of those communities.

The Mystic Tourist

Finding The One Solution

When surveying the landscape of tradition and accepted norms that litter the boundary of proof it is apparent that what passes for proof is often only belief. More often than not people never even approach the boundary choosing instead to have faith which lacks even the basic tenants of belief. Still others never bother to look choosing instead to decide at the onset what is by imposing their definition without ever assessing what is possible. The proof in question is of the truth. Who and how we are and just what are our capabilities.

Many of us rely on the work of other persons more able than ourselves to be what we are. We rely on ‘Sacred texts’ certain that words written long ago are the best and only guide placing no confidence in our appointment and our intimate and certain embrace of what is true. Do we really need to rely on some other person or ‘Sacred text’ to guide us on the path that we traverse alone? We place so much confidence in others who have done this and what has been written about it that we never take up our own path. The steps we alone must take.

Might there be something about this proof, what is true, that dissuades us? I am guessing there is and it may well be fear, the fear of success.

There are the stories of those who are born enlightened and we assume they are more deserving than ourselves, more able. They are not. They are only an example of what we can expect of ourself. We must have confidence in ourself, in our own appointment and circumstance if we are ever to find our way. It is not for someone else to do or write about. It does not require faith. It is simply what we choose to do, or not.

The Mystic Tourist

Connecting Self to Itself

I have been very busy with personal growth. In considering past success, and apparent vacancy today, I am recalling how those successes were realized in the past. These considerations have forced new growth. I remember how I found success in the past using imagination. Puzzling images together to piece together a place that is success. A place that can be seen: where image is substance. Most usually we find ourself poorly connected, fragmented. It is normal and so little attention is given to it unless it represents itself as disease. In mysticism this dysfunction is disease and requires attention. The self is intended to be a singular alignment, an alignment that requires commitment. We have just one self that is comprised of variables. It is only when we align these variables as intended that their function can be appreciated. The self needs to be connected to itself if the goal of mysticism is to be realized.

The first challenge, at least for me, is the lower self. I consider it as three variables. They are the three lower chakra’s, Place, Acquaintance and Ego. I resolved my lower chakra’s as a cohesive unit some time ago and have managed to maintain it. There was a time when I forged the union of self by connecting the higher and lower chakra’s. I have since allowed the difficulties of a failed marriage to interrupt that union. Allowing myself to be tangled by the difficulties in my life I traded my success for that. A distraction I failed to avoid. I am now remembering how I managed the alignment in the first place. I used my imagination and puzzled them together with images. Having known that all along, it has just now occurred to me, that I can repeat the process.

Once place, acquaintance and ego are agreed to coexist they can bridge the self. This bridging of self introduces the higher chakra’s completing our growth. From here it is possible to know ourself. It is only possible to know another if we are honest with ourself and only possible to be honest with ourself by building this bridge. Certainly people are effective and know success without committing to, and achieving, this alignment. We enjoy access to all of these variables and employ them to do what we have to do. It is the same with me as I endeavor to do, what I have to do.

It is the fourth chakra that binds the three lower chakra’s to the three higher chakra’s. That chakra is Compassion and is as a germ that, when allowed, is drawn into each chakra equally and binds them as one. The fifth chakra, Justice and Truth, has a symbiotic relationship with the third, Ego. Justice and truth hears all and ego is charged to accept it as is. This is the first step in binding the higher chakra’s to the lower chakra’s. Compassion allows for acceptance without challenge. Ego must accept that. Egos acceptance that things are as they are gives reach to the sixth chakra, Light Gate, which has a symbiotic relationship with the second chakra, Acquaintance. Again ego must give this permission and the light, enlightens. This brings us to Place, the first chakra and Heavens Gate, or, Heavens Acquaintance, the seventh chakra. Again a symbiotic relationship. It is compassion, and egos granting it permission, that binds these as one. Heavens Gate brings to place something more durable than flesh, the Soul, and we can appreciate it in this way.

For me the use of imagination is key in assembling these pieces as a completed puzzle. I can see it and that reveals a landscape and acquaintances, that otherwise, are unknown.

The Mystic Tourist