Agenda Generated Reality

Much of what is real is churned out by a reality generator, Agenda. We place a great deal of stock in what is real while ignoring what would seem obvious; much of what is real is not true. While we might work together for a common prosperity we are more likely to focus on the concerns of our group, at the expense of another. We can not have a shared prosperity if we do not have prosperity ourselves and this dynamic tends to isolate us into groups. Often, the haves, and, the have-nots. We develop culture that then propagates into the larger community. Culture often is born of what is not true and is often injurious. Intending to separate, segregate and defeat. Religion and politics are the product and then the source of culture.

Religion often is all about us and them. By nature it divides us and generates a reality. Today the worlds Abrahamic religions are all awaiting Armageddon. Gleefully awaiting it. Each is certain that they will rise above, as God’s favorites, while the rest will go, deservedly, to hell. These beliefs are based on words written by men who then claim they are the word of God. Knowing full well how words are written and who writes them we insist, by our faith, that it is the word of God. This is a false authority and a false reality. It demonstrates a complete lack of confidence in God. Until we write a different story we can expect the outcome that we plot and plan for, and hell in this case is a reality we generate for ourselves while thinking it is for the others. The God alluded to here, obviously, is generated in the image and likeness of man. The words written by men are obviously just that and the person of God they generate is obvious as well.

All this banter of reality and God generated by ourselves brings me to creation. I believe in creation, not as written, but as fact, as true. We constantly generate our circumstance, our reality. Much of it is true and much of it is not. Beneath all the ruckus there is something else, creative authority. We are in many ways created in the image and likeness of God. As such we create. Image is imagination and our sentience and awareness is likeness. Like everything else that does exist this exists. It is independent of us and it is of God. When we abandon our faith and restore our confidence in God we can begin anew and rediscover the creative authority imbued in us by God, by what is. We do not have to define this as it defines itself. We only need to accept it.

The Mystic Tourist

Clear Passage

To live openly as myself, the person I am privately, requires a certain clarity. There remains a chasm by which I compartmentalize myself, and a bridge, or passage, that makes me whole. It is this bridge, now being cleared by exercising metaphysical alignment, and the use of image, affirmation, and divination, that I think brings me back to appointment. To the place that best provides. Once this passage is cleared I can begin an open and productive experience that I will find more comfortable.

Clearing the passage that is this bridge, I think, is my last remaining task completing my current project. It is has been my experience that it is only when I complete such a task that I can appreciate anything about it and understand it. I do have a sense of what to expect, fleeting images and perceptions offer me a glimpse. The work is restoring sensibilities I have known in the past and I am excited about that. I will have to see what if anything changes when this passage is clear.

I do think this is about having a more public expression of the life I live inside. To live openly instead of in secret. I imagine I must have allowed this bridge to go derelict when I was young and restoring it will end injuries I purchased at that time. I hope so.

The Mystic Tourist

Embracing Source

It is only possible for things to be as they are and yet we consider things the way we choose. Having made up our mind beforehand we then choose to consider things according to our predetermined measure. It is unusual for any one of us to escape our own psychology and accept what is on its own terms. We construct social and cultural archetypeture to impose manufactured norms across community. We create what is not and then wonder why we are lost. These hallucinations, manufactured distractions, steer us from what actually is and keep us quite busy. Even when we attempt to escape this and embrace what actually is, our psychology, constructs this same kind of lens that distorts. It is our nature. To embrace source, what is, is a paradox because it is more of a submission. It is to let go and let be.

True creativity exists where what is and the self are the same place. We do not believe in our creativity because we use it to create what is not. Insisting things are as they are not we impose this across community and we each wrestle with it. As we engage in this activity, even if we endeavor to escape it, we build the very structures that separate from our true self and cognition of our creative authority. To bring this to the community at large is a funny business. The structure of what is not, after all, is real, it just is not true. These structures exist in a place that is almost always ignored, the place where image is structure. It is of course the truth alone that is substantive in this place. The truth is indifferent, it supports anything without question. It can not be injured. The injury that occurs here is against ourselves. The truth has an enduring patience and if we should find our patience the truth begins to seep into our self and it quiets and settles us.

I can see this and hope to find the way to bring this peace into the human community.

The Mystic Tourist

Accepting Consequence

Again I find that I have a title ‘Accepting Consequence’ and the task of divining what it could mean. I do have a vague sense so I will start there. I suspect that the way forward requires consequence to be measured in a way that it is tangible and then accepted on the terms presented. The implication is that there are elements of consequence that I choose to ignore or postpone. That I must resolve this. The way forward is to create this resolution. The acceptance of consequence.

We are each of us as a harbor and we must accept responsibility for our content. We must first establish familiarity before we can feign ignorance and the two are married this way. This arrangement causes an attraction and we ‘fix’ our error in place with the resources we attract. Generally this results in denial. It seems I must be avoiding something. I must know what it is and that makes the whole business a little irritating.

I have an appreciation that brings the answers to life’s concerns into focus now. It is not a concern for the past or future, it is not a task for some other person and there is no secret, or sacred text, that reveals it. No teacher. I have no one to follow and no one can follow me. Each footfall on life’s path is the choice of the person on the path. No one else. We can follow no one and no one can lead.

I suppose my consequence is responsibility. That I have a responsibility to answer life’s concern and that it requires my voice.

The Mystic Tourist

Image Awareness Purpose

Mysticism; a confidence in empiric value. That, that which is, can only be appreciated on its own terms, and, that providence assures the opportunity for that is constant, is what I do. I know no other way. Subtle nuance is what separates the mystic from awareness. Every discomfort and ill-ease is purpose. Discomfort, ill-ease, tension, are intended to focus awareness, giving notice to where it is best to spend effort. It is never intended that we should be ill at ease but that we should discover why we are, and correct it. As I dissolve the veil of tension and its perpetuation I am welcomed into a world structured of image. It is a place where Angels and Ascendant Beings present and make themselves known. In order for such casual encounter tension must be absent. That is the reason for ill-ease, to discover the will to let it go, and then do it. Let it go.

My life is so much better without inner conflict and yet I am conflicted. It is an easy way to find myself, but once corrected, just as easy to be without it. Tension is like a weed, if you let one of them in, pretty soon they are the garden. In mysticism whatever would be tension would also be something else. Perception is the rule. In accepting that what is best is always an option, and choosing that always, we find the constant and underlying value, of providence. It is important to abandon all hope of being right and accept things as they are if we are to be content. The value, that is, is constant.

The realm of image is populated with those who would be our companions. Those in this realm, who you would want to be companions with, are Ascendant Beings and Angels. They only bring value to existence and experience. They would celebrate this with us and do, if we let them. We separate ourselves from these with the subtleties of ill-ease. Tension and the like create imaginary walls of varying density and we pretend not to see things as they are.

For me personally my primary tension is that I have these sensitivities. My protest has been that is not fair, that I should be able to live free of such concerns, like everyone else. It sounds childish, but when I fall from grace, this seems the sink that draws me.

The Mystic Tourist

Asking the Angels

Yes, more on Angels. I do not know what Angels are, exactly, but have encountered them often enough to accept their existence. They are typically unnoticed unless made welcome. For me that creates a tension, or perhaps more accurately, brings tension forward. Based on my personal experience, I am confident, the mind sees what it wants to and ignores the rest. Are Angels generated of our desire to see them? Should not they force themselves on us and prove their existence? They have nothing to prove and so they do not and it is only when I abandon my personal tension that they make themselves apparent.

It is very easy to complicate relations with Angels. Their home is where image is substance. By and large the human condition prefers ignorance of image and so in addition to ignoring Angels we deny their existence, or at least our personal acquaintance with them. Ignorance creates the shadow where denial reigns supreme. Always.

My tension with Angels has kept me in a room apart from them. As if we share a dwelling but they are always in the other room. When I enter that room I find that they have left it vacant in favor of the adjacent room. This is how I experience it and it adds to, or perpetuates, tension. It is only this veil, tension, that separates us. My work with chakras and the hara is bringing the Angels and myself back into the same room. Work with chakras, and the hara, does not allow for tension and I have to let it go.

At this point in my life, my personal growth and happiness, require a greater openness, transparency and a larger community. It is this that motivates me to write and reveal my experience of Angels. They can very helpful when we ask them to be. We need to include them in this way, by asking, to fully appreciate them.

The Mystic Tourist

Connecting Community to Place

Community and place. When I write of place I am writing about the first chakra. When I consider this chakra I consider it as flesh, the most fundamental aspect of place. Today as I consider place I see an association with community. I did not expect that. I now see that this is due to my reluctance to connect community there. This is where I would hide, in the shadow of my flesh.

This chakra is also as our root. Not the root’s, but it is from here that we take, or make, root. This is the nature of the first chakra’s connection to community. In allowing this reach community becomes more familiar and less of what I want to avoid. I think this is where I have stumbled.

The rooting of place is not intended to fix us in place but rather to free us. To give us our full reach and realm.

The Mystic Tourist

Thought’s on Angels

Angels; what kind of territory are we entering now? I say, we, because while I have written this, you are reading it. I am acquainted with Angels. They have made their existence known to me and so accept that they exist. How? They present an image that is discernible and independent. It is a normal and ordinary experience, as are all experiences. It is unusual for people to acknowledge or be aware of this association, but, Angels are inescapable. They exist and participate in the experience that we share. That we ignore, and deny these, speaks to the problems we have. Admitted acquaintance with Angels; what will people think?

It is considered extraordinary to have experience that includes associating with Angels. People either think that only extraordinary people have such experiences or that it is extra-ordinary, which can not be, and so they do not exist. People who assume the latter assume some deficiency in anyone who would make such a claim. Of course you could be psychotic or delusional and make any claim, including association with Angels. People who do experience such things know there is nothing unusual or extraordinary about it. They know that it is the template that we impose on experience that prevents us from realizing, what we experience, and admitting it.

I am writing this only because, at this point, failure to do so fosters ignorance and denial. It complicates my relationship with Angels. That is a cost I am not willing to pay.

The Mystic Tourist

Completing Existence

Finally a new post. If you have been following this blog you know that from time to time I need to take time and catch up with myself and the growth I am experiencing. Doing that, things settle down and I find the clarity of mind to write again. I have been filing through images and affirmations and finding a new sink or orientation. It has brought me to me to my current focus, Completing Existence.

I have long been reluctant to reveal who I am. This reluctance interferes with being who I am, and, Being, is the axis of our existence. To simply be is foundation. At the intersection of providence, fate and abundance is our being, and this intersection is our foundation. It is not where we usually find ourselves. It is only from this point, or intersection, that we can fully realize our person. We can not truly know ourself or bring that person forward unless we keep this appointment. At different times in life keeping the appointment means different things. Today, for me, it means involving myself in a broader community. I find that very uncomfortable.

If you have been reading this blog you know I have been working with chakra’s and breathing exercises in order to connect and align myself. It has brought me to an exposure to community that has been a bogey man for me. I want a level of anonymity that is not being offered to me. I expect my discomfort is unfounded but I still must come to terms with it. Having aligned my chakra’s I now must complete myself by accepting my place in community.

I am sure that doing this will relieve my stress and be satisfying. Just now it is very uncomfortable and I must to find the way, to be.

The Mystic Tourist


In mysticism there is always just one task. It never changes. At any given time we have just one thing to do and that is the task. I have yet to meet any person who is current on their tasking. We find other things to do and we begin collecting. Of this collection we are still presented the one thing we must do if there is to be any hope of being current with our task. Being current is the goal of this mystic.

I do expect that I will reduce all of my collected task to completion. A state of clarity, fulfillment, where the full measure of person is concentrated in the singular moment. All past and future responsibility having been met in the singular moment, now. This is the one and only reason for my experience. It encompasses every commitment and relationship bringing to them what they desire.

It is a project that takes work and commitment and is a lot like housekeeping. There are parts of me that continue to protest. They do not want to be cleaned up. That is my current task, to clean myself up, ridding myself of my own poor behaviors. To be the way I want to be; doing just one thing always, keeping the singular appointment that completes the past and the future, now.

The Mystic Tourist