In mysticism there is always just one task. It never changes. At any given time we have just one thing to do and that is the task. I have yet to meet any person who is current on their tasking. We find other things to do and we begin collecting. Of this collection we are still presented the one thing we must do if there is to be any hope of being current with our task. Being current is the goal of this mystic.

I do expect that I will reduce all of my collected task to completion. A state of clarity, fulfillment, where the full measure of person is concentrated in the singular moment. All past and future responsibility having been met in the singular moment, now. This is the one and only reason for my experience. It encompasses every commitment and relationship bringing to them what they desire.

It is a project that takes work and commitment and is a lot like housekeeping. There are parts of me that continue to protest. They do not want to be cleaned up. That is my current task, to clean myself up, ridding myself of my own poor behaviors. To be the way I want to be; doing just one thing always, keeping the singular appointment that completes the past and the future, now.

The Mystic Tourist

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