Completing Existence

Finally a new post. If you have been following this blog you know that from time to time I need to take time and catch up with myself and the growth I am experiencing. Doing that, things settle down and I find the clarity of mind to write again. I have been filing through images and affirmations and finding a new sink or orientation. It has brought me to me to my current focus, Completing Existence.

I have long been reluctant to reveal who I am. This reluctance interferes with being who I am, and, Being, is the axis of our existence. To simply be is foundation. At the intersection of providence, fate and abundance is our being, and this intersection is our foundation. It is not where we usually find ourselves. It is only from this point, or intersection, that we can fully realize our person. We can not truly know ourself or bring that person forward unless we keep this appointment. At different times in life keeping the appointment means different things. Today, for me, it means involving myself in a broader community. I find that very uncomfortable.

If you have been reading this blog you know I have been working with chakra’s and breathing exercises in order to connect and align myself. It has brought me to an exposure to community that has been a bogey man for me. I want a level of anonymity that is not being offered to me. I expect my discomfort is unfounded but I still must come to terms with it. Having aligned my chakra’s I now must complete myself by accepting my place in community.

I am sure that doing this will relieve my stress and be satisfying. Just now it is very uncomfortable and I must to find the way, to be.

The Mystic Tourist

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