Asking the Angels

Yes, more on Angels. I do not know what Angels are, exactly, but have encountered them often enough to accept their existence. They are typically unnoticed unless made welcome. For me that creates a tension, or perhaps more accurately, brings tension forward. Based on my personal experience, I am confident, the mind sees what it wants to and ignores the rest. Are Angels generated of our desire to see them? Should not they force themselves on us and prove their existence? They have nothing to prove and so they do not and it is only when I abandon my personal tension that they make themselves apparent.

It is very easy to complicate relations with Angels. Their home is where image is substance. By and large the human condition prefers ignorance of image and so in addition to ignoring Angels we deny their existence, or at least our personal acquaintance with them. Ignorance creates the shadow where denial reigns supreme. Always.

My tension with Angels has kept me in a room apart from them. As if we share a dwelling but they are always in the other room. When I enter that room I find that they have left it vacant in favor of the adjacent room. This is how I experience it and it adds to, or perpetuates, tension. It is only this veil, tension, that separates us. My work with chakras and the hara is bringing the Angels and myself back into the same room. Work with chakras, and the hara, does not allow for tension and I have to let it go.

At this point in my life, my personal growth and happiness, require a greater openness, transparency and a larger community. It is this that motivates me to write and reveal my experience of Angels. They can very helpful when we ask them to be. We need to include them in this way, by asking, to fully appreciate them.

The Mystic Tourist

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