Image Awareness Purpose

Mysticism; a confidence in empiric value. That, that which is, can only be appreciated on its own terms, and, that providence assures the opportunity for that is constant, is what I do. I know no other way. Subtle nuance is what separates the mystic from awareness. Every discomfort and ill-ease is purpose. Discomfort, ill-ease, tension, are intended to focus awareness, giving notice to where it is best to spend effort. It is never intended that we should be ill at ease but that we should discover why we are, and correct it. As I dissolve the veil of tension and its perpetuation I am welcomed into a world structured of image. It is a place where Angels and Ascendant Beings present and make themselves known. In order for such casual encounter tension must be absent. That is the reason for ill-ease, to discover the will to let it go, and then do it. Let it go.

My life is so much better without inner conflict and yet I am conflicted. It is an easy way to find myself, but once corrected, just as easy to be without it. Tension is like a weed, if you let one of them in, pretty soon they are the garden. In mysticism whatever would be tension would also be something else. Perception is the rule. In accepting that what is best is always an option, and choosing that always, we find the constant and underlying value, of providence. It is important to abandon all hope of being right and accept things as they are if we are to be content. The value, that is, is constant.

The realm of image is populated with those who would be our companions. Those in this realm, who you would want to be companions with, are Ascendant Beings and Angels. They only bring value to existence and experience. They would celebrate this with us and do, if we let them. We separate ourselves from these with the subtleties of ill-ease. Tension and the like create imaginary walls of varying density and we pretend not to see things as they are.

For me personally my primary tension is that I have these sensitivities. My protest has been that is not fair, that I should be able to live free of such concerns, like everyone else. It sounds childish, but when I fall from grace, this seems the sink that draws me.

The Mystic Tourist

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