Accepting Consequence

Again I find that I have a title ‘Accepting Consequence’ and the task of divining what it could mean. I do have a vague sense so I will start there. I suspect that the way forward requires consequence to be measured in a way that it is tangible and then accepted on the terms presented. The implication is that there are elements of consequence that I choose to ignore or postpone. That I must resolve this. The way forward is to create this resolution. The acceptance of consequence.

We are each of us as a harbor and we must accept responsibility for our content. We must first establish familiarity before we can feign ignorance and the two are married this way. This arrangement causes an attraction and we ‘fix’ our error in place with the resources we attract. Generally this results in denial. It seems I must be avoiding something. I must know what it is and that makes the whole business a little irritating.

I have an appreciation that brings the answers to life’s concerns into focus now. It is not a concern for the past or future, it is not a task for some other person and there is no secret, or sacred text, that reveals it. No teacher. I have no one to follow and no one can follow me. Each footfall on life’s path is the choice of the person on the path. No one else. We can follow no one and no one can lead.

I suppose my consequence is responsibility. That I have a responsibility to answer life’s concern and that it requires my voice.

The Mystic Tourist

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