Embracing Source

It is only possible for things to be as they are and yet we consider things the way we choose. Having made up our mind beforehand we then choose to consider things according to our predetermined measure. It is unusual for any one of us to escape our own psychology and accept what is on its own terms. We construct social and cultural archetypeture to impose manufactured norms across community. We create what is not and then wonder why we are lost. These hallucinations, manufactured distractions, steer us from what actually is and keep us quite busy. Even when we attempt to escape this and embrace what actually is, our psychology, constructs this same kind of lens that distorts. It is our nature. To embrace source, what is, is a paradox because it is more of a submission. It is to let go and let be.

True creativity exists where what is and the self are the same place. We do not believe in our creativity because we use it to create what is not. Insisting things are as they are not we impose this across community and we each wrestle with it. As we engage in this activity, even if we endeavor to escape it, we build the very structures that separate from our true self and cognition of our creative authority. To bring this to the community at large is a funny business. The structure of what is not, after all, is real, it just is not true. These structures exist in a place that is almost always ignored, the place where image is structure. It is of course the truth alone that is substantive in this place. The truth is indifferent, it supports anything without question. It can not be injured. The injury that occurs here is against ourselves. The truth has an enduring patience and if we should find our patience the truth begins to seep into our self and it quiets and settles us.

I can see this and hope to find the way to bring this peace into the human community.

The Mystic Tourist

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