Clear Passage

To live openly as myself, the person I am privately, requires a certain clarity. There remains a chasm by which I compartmentalize myself, and a bridge, or passage, that makes me whole. It is this bridge, now being cleared by exercising metaphysical alignment, and the use of image, affirmation, and divination, that I think brings me back to appointment. To the place that best provides. Once this passage is cleared I can begin an open and productive experience that I will find more comfortable.

Clearing the passage that is this bridge, I think, is my last remaining task completing my current project. It is has been my experience that it is only when I complete such a task that I can appreciate anything about it and understand it. I do have a sense of what to expect, fleeting images and perceptions offer me a glimpse. The work is restoring sensibilities I have known in the past and I am excited about that. I will have to see what if anything changes when this passage is clear.

I do think this is about having a more public expression of the life I live inside. To live openly instead of in secret. I imagine I must have allowed this bridge to go derelict when I was young and restoring it will end injuries I purchased at that time. I hope so.

The Mystic Tourist

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