Agenda Generated Reality

Much of what is real is churned out by a reality generator, Agenda. We place a great deal of stock in what is real while ignoring what would seem obvious; much of what is real is not true. While we might work together for a common prosperity we are more likely to focus on the concerns of our group, at the expense of another. We can not have a shared prosperity if we do not have prosperity ourselves and this dynamic tends to isolate us into groups. Often, the haves, and, the have-nots. We develop culture that then propagates into the larger community. Culture often is born of what is not true and is often injurious. Intending to separate, segregate and defeat. Religion and politics are the product and then the source of culture.

Religion often is all about us and them. By nature it divides us and generates a reality. Today the worlds Abrahamic religions are all awaiting Armageddon. Gleefully awaiting it. Each is certain that they will rise above, as God’s favorites, while the rest will go, deservedly, to hell. These beliefs are based on words written by men who then claim they are the word of God. Knowing full well how words are written and who writes them we insist, by our faith, that it is the word of God. This is a false authority and a false reality. It demonstrates a complete lack of confidence in God. Until we write a different story we can expect the outcome that we plot and plan for, and hell in this case is a reality we generate for ourselves while thinking it is for the others. The God alluded to here, obviously, is generated in the image and likeness of man. The words written by men are obviously just that and the person of God they generate is obvious as well.

All this banter of reality and God generated by ourselves brings me to creation. I believe in creation, not as written, but as fact, as true. We constantly generate our circumstance, our reality. Much of it is true and much of it is not. Beneath all the ruckus there is something else, creative authority. We are in many ways created in the image and likeness of God. As such we create. Image is imagination and our sentience and awareness is likeness. Like everything else that does exist this exists. It is independent of us and it is of God. When we abandon our faith and restore our confidence in God we can begin anew and rediscover the creative authority imbued in us by God, by what is. We do not have to define this as it defines itself. We only need to accept it.

The Mystic Tourist

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