Imagine That

We wear images like we wear clothes. We use them to reveal or disguise our identity. It is a reflex that we begin at an early age and there is very little recognition of it in a fully conscious sense. While very young we find ways to arrange our image so we are comfortable in our skin, walking in the world and circumstance of our birth. Much of what we perceive is dismissed by these images as we work to cope with being animated flesh. We establish a dynamic in these early years that we come to accept as true and it is true because it is what we have done. Lost in this fabric is our unbridled identity. We use these images to cover our pain, frustration or confusion. That is the structure or form on which we attach the image that we present as our person. We are a community and our image synchronizes itself into an assigned place and becomes an agreement or contract of sorts. Amending these things to more honestly, be, disturbs the core of what we have agreed, is our reality.

When I work to execute this redress I experience the pain, frustration, confusion, whatever, that inspired the images I fashioned to present to the world and the consensus generated that governs them. It is at times unpleasant and that is as a trigger to perpetuate rather than make the amends I desire. In the past I have been able to maintain selective images and enjoy much of what exists independent of our pretense. That time is past. Today gratification involves a more open management of my image. All of the agreement shifts and the redress begins with changing my reflex to accommodate an image I prefer and the experience I expect.

The Mystic Tourist

Past Regrets

Do we have a past, is there a future? Yes we do but they are the same thing. As we walk through life we carry the past with us and so it is the future. My path has provided the opportunity to relive my past and make the choices that better serve my future. Many of the choices we make are static. They are choices made long ago and affirmed as we live. When I was very young I made choices that pull me from my purpose, that is the power of choice, gravity. The gravity of our earliest choices are perhaps more influential than choices made later in life. The longer we carry a choice the less we are able to remember it. That is due to gravity, it draws to it, and is buried in, what makes it static. Gravity pulls us from purpose and the accumulating mass obscures the source of the gravity, our choice. The choice becomes static drawing us away from purpose and distracting us. Our sense of identity and perception are corrupted by these early choices. We can only change this by finding the choice and making it again. It is the original choice that needs correcting.

If you read my blog you know that image is a fundamental aspect of my mystical experience. Much of what is drawn to us by the gravity of our choice is represented, at least in part, by image. Much of it is also consensus provided by the matrix that is represented by community. As I work to give redress to the choices that misdirect my future there is the fact of the existing mass to consider. It remains a distraction until some other gravity pulls it away and the opportunity presented by the original choice is regained. This how I walk through life and consider how best to restore my self to the promise of appointment.

Are these poor choices made in the past regrets? Only if we choose so. The opportunity to make the best choice remains constant. The accumulated mass of a poor choice does complicate redress but the opportunity represented by the original choice is married to it. We can not escape our appointment, to do what is best, it is married to every choice. All of this is for that, to discover and do what is best. That is the singular constant, the narrow gate.

The Mystic Tourist

Image Truth and Light

Risking repetition I will again write about the structural nature of image. Being transparent, it is easy to ignore and deny image, and its significance. We build images that then act as filters tuning perception to fit our bias. This happens regardless of our willingness to acknowledge it. It is kind of an accidental procedure; dare I say train-wreck? In addition to coloring our world to fit our predetermined prejudice it draws us to and attracts to us what does reinforce our preconceptions. It is a corruption of creative authority by which we pretend that we do not do this. Of course at any time we can choose to address our ignorance and see things as they actually are. When we have spent our lifetime avoiding this it is determination and work that corrects it. We must abandon ignorance and its comfort, denial, if we are to see things as they actually are and walk in the light of truth. The imaginary structures we build and choose keep us in the dark or allow the light. The false realities we create generate friction and this friction creates a shadowy light that in turn distracts us from what is true. There is no ownership of truth and when we are right we have already lost our way and in the friction of this folly truth is betrayed.

The Mystic Tourist

Polarity of Choice

The world impacts us or we impact the world. We are each polarized and affect or are affected by our environment. For the most part it is a mix and match. Usually I think, mindlessly so. Attitude, disposition, ownership, fix us in a static that colors our perception and consideration. We see the world pretty much as we choose never really accepting the full measure of our influence. We have extraordinary influence. Of course every possibility is ordinary but it is unusual when we fully honor our responsibility. It is ingrained in western culture that we are created “In the image and likeness of God”. It is true, and from there we define God and ignore the implied responsibility.

The God we typically recognize is of our own creation. We write books and attribute the words to God knowing full well who actually wrote the words. It is clear who we are trying to fool and it works. Many religions have dogmatic doctrines that insist on faith, in the doctrines and dogma. Often insisting that written words are the word of God. This does not preclude us from us from doing what is best. That is an personal choice and like-minded people form communities that work together for the common good, for what is best. I find it is best to accept God on God’s own terms without the corruption of doctrine and dogma. I have no use for it.

I believe in creation and other expressions of magic. I think we are created in God’s image and likeness. I think we have a responsibility to honor that and we do it by managing our polarization. I also believe in providence, that there is a constant, the best thing to do. We choose that or something else and in so doing establish our polarity. I know this works due to my personal experience. When we follow the one path we find the narrow gate and its promise. The one path is the simple acceptance that there is always a best choice and that when we make that choice, our only choice, we find the narrow gate. Should we choose this passage we discover our divine nature and true heritage.

It is necessary to accept that there is no influence capable of corrupting the promise of choosing what is best. This is the only thing I know of that corrects our polarity and reveals the path we are already standing on. It is easy to be influenced and corrupt our choice. This creates a polarity that draws to us, or draws us to, unwarranted difficulty. In accepting that circumstance always presents what is best, and choosing that, we restore polarity to its purpose and we begin to realize our creative authority.

The Mystic Tourist

The New World

We live in an interesting time. We have a new city unlike the world has ever known, born of technology. It seems we have built Babylon’s Tower. Not just once but over and over again. Building skyscrapers or a space station. Walking on the moon or sending a probe out of the solar system. The Hubble Telescope lets us see into the past. Wars and rumors of wars. Cascading natural disasters. Our technology brings the events of the world, every event, to our personal tabletop, whenever we have a whim to know. We live in a world that is small, reduced in size by our technology.

Prophesy. Many are obsessed with it. We have the ‘End of Times’ scenario going gangbusters. That is no different than it has ever been. We have been at it longer and so more things point to it. It is inevitable. It does not make these prophesies any more or less true. The immediacy of such things is obvious. Our experience is cyclic. Everything we experience is a repetition of cycles and because the only time anything happens is now, there is a constant immediacy. Prophesy is not that tough. We do the same things over and over. We are very predictable as is the world we live in. It is cyclic.

I do not mean to dismiss prophesy. It is easy to predict when we do the same things repeatedly. We can not consider all prophesy as if it were the same. I consider Apocalyptic prophesy as a cautionary tale. Something we might avoid but many are bent on keeping its promise. There is nothing Godly about that. The past creates a trajectory the result of which is the future. As human beings we carry our past with us. We can correct much of that by changing how we think and feel. As we live our lives we are preparing our future, making plans to arrive there. We can change our plans and create a different future.

There is the much-anticipated Messiah many faiths are waiting for. Predictably I expect that one day we will meet this person. In Christianity it is the return of Jesus. While I do not believe the bible, Christian dogma or doctrine, it is easy to believe this prophesy. A woman gave birth to a man who made a big impression. Apparently extraordinary things were done by this man. I am sure for Jesus, whatever it is that he did, was ordinary. A woman will give birth again and an ordinary man will do things, seemingly extraordinary. It has happened before and we can expect it to happen again. Many are expecting some hybrid, a Man-God, but God does not have relations with women that produce children. We can expect human beings to act as human beings and all behavior is ordinary.

The Mystic Tourist


Intuition, for me, is like playing music. I am sure I can do it but without practice I have nothing to show. I want intuition to be a more natural experience than I have been able to manage. I would like my intuition to be less affected, compromised, by whatever it is that does that in my life. I presume intuition is functioning as intended and directing me. When I consider its being different from I want it to be I notice the devil of irritability begin to stir and so patience is the virtue that will tech me my lesson. I expect any limit to intuitions apparent effectiveness in my life is due to accumulating lessons as opposed to learning them. I think, sometimes, the accumulation is part of the lesson. An exercise in humility?

I am certain everyone can and does have the kind of experiences that I do. I resent that they do not act on it and of course resentment is an injury brought against myself. Resentment is a devil as well. Devils need a host. The human being is a fertile ground for any devil. Devils are dispositions, attitudes, emotions, anything polluting how we perceive and recognize what is best. This is a condition that affects us all. The only effective response is to recognize it in ourself and make the appropriate amend. When we project blame about such things against others we link to it extending an invitation and its result. When we are absent of such influences in ourself we spread that goodness in the same way. People link to it, the invitation creates opportunity and, a host is found.

The Mystic Tourist

Social Matrix

We create a matrix by which we fix ourself in place or free our self of place. Once free we are able to recognize providence and keep appointment. I am finding that I have used belief to anchor my matrix of place. It is a social matrix. The origin was a difficult relationship. I imagined it imposed hardships that I could not escape. This creates a template and repeats itself like a germ. We connect to others who have the same susceptibility and a matrix is formed. We begin to anchor and fix ourself where we do not belong. We recognize the germ in others because we are so familiar with it ourself. When this serves us well we enjoy the mutual benefit and when it does not we imagine the other is to blame. The structure employs others in this way and so it is social.

It is usual to ignore these things and deny them however I can see them and so they interest me. After having established this sort of conundrum it is difficult to puzzle the way out of it but I am finally losing the traction of place and its anchor. I am a little surprised to have done this to myself. Perhaps I will be less likely to do it again once I have corrected my matrix to be without constraint.

The nature of my mysticism is visual. I see the structures that we build with image. Due to this I blame others for the structures I see that I do not want. Even though I know the absurdity of that, it is part of the matrix and helps to propagate it. I expect that there are others who respond this way as well and it makes a mess of their lives. It is likely they are unaware and simply reacting. Most people, I will guess, are oblivious and it really has no impact. Just a subtle influence.

I have worked on this a long time and am beginning to see how to detach myself and restore buoyancy. I guess this germ, I have polluted myself with, must have been dormant. Something I ignored or delayed and so life provided a catalyst. I hope when I have finished with this lesson I will be more direct in doing what I am given to do. I certainly enjoy life better that way.

The Mystic Tourist