Intuition, for me, is like playing music. I am sure I can do it but without practice I have nothing to show. I want intuition to be a more natural experience than I have been able to manage. I would like my intuition to be less affected, compromised, by whatever it is that does that in my life. I presume intuition is functioning as intended and directing me. When I consider its being different from I want it to be I notice the devil of irritability begin to stir and so patience is the virtue that will tech me my lesson. I expect any limit to intuitions apparent effectiveness in my life is due to accumulating lessons as opposed to learning them. I think, sometimes, the accumulation is part of the lesson. An exercise in humility?

I am certain everyone can and does have the kind of experiences that I do. I resent that they do not act on it and of course resentment is an injury brought against myself. Resentment is a devil as well. Devils need a host. The human being is a fertile ground for any devil. Devils are dispositions, attitudes, emotions, anything polluting how we perceive and recognize what is best. This is a condition that affects us all. The only effective response is to recognize it in ourself and make the appropriate amend. When we project blame about such things against others we link to it extending an invitation and its result. When we are absent of such influences in ourself we spread that goodness in the same way. People link to it, the invitation creates opportunity and, a host is found.

The Mystic Tourist

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