The New World

We live in an interesting time. We have a new city unlike the world has ever known, born of technology. It seems we have built Babylon’s Tower. Not just once but over and over again. Building skyscrapers or a space station. Walking on the moon or sending a probe out of the solar system. The Hubble Telescope lets us see into the past. Wars and rumors of wars. Cascading natural disasters. Our technology brings the events of the world, every event, to our personal tabletop, whenever we have a whim to know. We live in a world that is small, reduced in size by our technology.

Prophesy. Many are obsessed with it. We have the ‘End of Times’ scenario going gangbusters. That is no different than it has ever been. We have been at it longer and so more things point to it. It is inevitable. It does not make these prophesies any more or less true. The immediacy of such things is obvious. Our experience is cyclic. Everything we experience is a repetition of cycles and because the only time anything happens is now, there is a constant immediacy. Prophesy is not that tough. We do the same things over and over. We are very predictable as is the world we live in. It is cyclic.

I do not mean to dismiss prophesy. It is easy to predict when we do the same things repeatedly. We can not consider all prophesy as if it were the same. I consider Apocalyptic prophesy as a cautionary tale. Something we might avoid but many are bent on keeping its promise. There is nothing Godly about that. The past creates a trajectory the result of which is the future. As human beings we carry our past with us. We can correct much of that by changing how we think and feel. As we live our lives we are preparing our future, making plans to arrive there. We can change our plans and create a different future.

There is the much-anticipated Messiah many faiths are waiting for. Predictably I expect that one day we will meet this person. In Christianity it is the return of Jesus. While I do not believe the bible, Christian dogma or doctrine, it is easy to believe this prophesy. A woman gave birth to a man who made a big impression. Apparently extraordinary things were done by this man. I am sure for Jesus, whatever it is that he did, was ordinary. A woman will give birth again and an ordinary man will do things, seemingly extraordinary. It has happened before and we can expect it to happen again. Many are expecting some hybrid, a Man-God, but God does not have relations with women that produce children. We can expect human beings to act as human beings and all behavior is ordinary.

The Mystic Tourist

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