Polarity of Choice

The world impacts us or we impact the world. We are each polarized and affect or are affected by our environment. For the most part it is a mix and match. Usually I think, mindlessly so. Attitude, disposition, ownership, fix us in a static that colors our perception and consideration. We see the world pretty much as we choose never really accepting the full measure of our influence. We have extraordinary influence. Of course every possibility is ordinary but it is unusual when we fully honor our responsibility. It is ingrained in western culture that we are created “In the image and likeness of God”. It is true, and from there we define God and ignore the implied responsibility.

The God we typically recognize is of our own creation. We write books and attribute the words to God knowing full well who actually wrote the words. It is clear who we are trying to fool and it works. Many religions have dogmatic doctrines that insist on faith, in the doctrines and dogma. Often insisting that written words are the word of God. This does not preclude us from us from doing what is best. That is an personal choice and like-minded people form communities that work together for the common good, for what is best. I find it is best to accept God on God’s own terms without the corruption of doctrine and dogma. I have no use for it.

I believe in creation and other expressions of magic. I think we are created in God’s image and likeness. I think we have a responsibility to honor that and we do it by managing our polarization. I also believe in providence, that there is a constant, the best thing to do. We choose that or something else and in so doing establish our polarity. I know this works due to my personal experience. When we follow the one path we find the narrow gate and its promise. The one path is the simple acceptance that there is always a best choice and that when we make that choice, our only choice, we find the narrow gate. Should we choose this passage we discover our divine nature and true heritage.

It is necessary to accept that there is no influence capable of corrupting the promise of choosing what is best. This is the only thing I know of that corrects our polarity and reveals the path we are already standing on. It is easy to be influenced and corrupt our choice. This creates a polarity that draws to us, or draws us to, unwarranted difficulty. In accepting that circumstance always presents what is best, and choosing that, we restore polarity to its purpose and we begin to realize our creative authority.

The Mystic Tourist

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