Image Truth and Light

Risking repetition I will again write about the structural nature of image. Being transparent, it is easy to ignore and deny image, and its significance. We build images that then act as filters tuning perception to fit our bias. This happens regardless of our willingness to acknowledge it. It is kind of an accidental procedure; dare I say train-wreck? In addition to coloring our world to fit our predetermined prejudice it draws us to and attracts to us what does reinforce our preconceptions. It is a corruption of creative authority by which we pretend that we do not do this. Of course at any time we can choose to address our ignorance and see things as they actually are. When we have spent our lifetime avoiding this it is determination and work that corrects it. We must abandon ignorance and its comfort, denial, if we are to see things as they actually are and walk in the light of truth. The imaginary structures we build and choose keep us in the dark or allow the light. The false realities we create generate friction and this friction creates a shadowy light that in turn distracts us from what is true. There is no ownership of truth and when we are right we have already lost our way and in the friction of this folly truth is betrayed.

The Mystic Tourist

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