Past Regrets

Do we have a past, is there a future? Yes we do but they are the same thing. As we walk through life we carry the past with us and so it is the future. My path has provided the opportunity to relive my past and make the choices that better serve my future. Many of the choices we make are static. They are choices made long ago and affirmed as we live. When I was very young I made choices that pull me from my purpose, that is the power of choice, gravity. The gravity of our earliest choices are perhaps more influential than choices made later in life. The longer we carry a choice the less we are able to remember it. That is due to gravity, it draws to it, and is buried in, what makes it static. Gravity pulls us from purpose and the accumulating mass obscures the source of the gravity, our choice. The choice becomes static drawing us away from purpose and distracting us. Our sense of identity and perception are corrupted by these early choices. We can only change this by finding the choice and making it again. It is the original choice that needs correcting.

If you read my blog you know that image is a fundamental aspect of my mystical experience. Much of what is drawn to us by the gravity of our choice is represented, at least in part, by image. Much of it is also consensus provided by the matrix that is represented by community. As I work to give redress to the choices that misdirect my future there is the fact of the existing mass to consider. It remains a distraction until some other gravity pulls it away and the opportunity presented by the original choice is regained. This how I walk through life and consider how best to restore my self to the promise of appointment.

Are these poor choices made in the past regrets? Only if we choose so. The opportunity to make the best choice remains constant. The accumulated mass of a poor choice does complicate redress but the opportunity represented by the original choice is married to it. We can not escape our appointment, to do what is best, it is married to every choice. All of this is for that, to discover and do what is best. That is the singular constant, the narrow gate.

The Mystic Tourist

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