Imagine That

We wear images like we wear clothes. We use them to reveal or disguise our identity. It is a reflex that we begin at an early age and there is very little recognition of it in a fully conscious sense. While very young we find ways to arrange our image so we are comfortable in our skin, walking in the world and circumstance of our birth. Much of what we perceive is dismissed by these images as we work to cope with being animated flesh. We establish a dynamic in these early years that we come to accept as true and it is true because it is what we have done. Lost in this fabric is our unbridled identity. We use these images to cover our pain, frustration or confusion. That is the structure or form on which we attach the image that we present as our person. We are a community and our image synchronizes itself into an assigned place and becomes an agreement or contract of sorts. Amending these things to more honestly, be, disturbs the core of what we have agreed, is our reality.

When I work to execute this redress I experience the pain, frustration, confusion, whatever, that inspired the images I fashioned to present to the world and the consensus generated that governs them. It is at times unpleasant and that is as a trigger to perpetuate rather than make the amends I desire. In the past I have been able to maintain selective images and enjoy much of what exists independent of our pretense. That time is past. Today gratification involves a more open management of my image. All of the agreement shifts and the redress begins with changing my reflex to accommodate an image I prefer and the experience I expect.

The Mystic Tourist

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