The Sanctuary of Purpose

It is purpose that providence presents. All of circumstance arranges itself that we might recognize purpose. It is constant and unavoidable. Discernment of purpose from the collision, circumstance, can be confusing. Frustrated by this confusion we tend toward less vexing concerns. That lends more confusion to circumstance as the gravity of circumstance collects the motive of providence. While we busy ourself avoiding the purpose providence presents, the gravity of circumstance gathers what reveals purpose, should we take that path.

Out of our circumstance we manufacture a sense of purpose, somewhat removed from providence, pinning our hopes on some personal gratification. The longer we avoid the lure of providence the more obscure purpose becomes. This is due to circumstance and its gravity. At the core of all circumstance is providence. When we make providence our choice we are molested by the circumstance we have accrued. This can seem unsettling but it is really no big deal. As we address the aimless collection of untended circumstance providence reveals purpose.

It is purpose that is sanctuary and providence is its place.

The Mystic Tourist

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