Christ and Our Lifetime

If anyone was ever misunderstood it must be Jesus. To begin with his last name was not Christ. We have projected so much on this person that he has become only what we want him to be. That is by definition fiction. The time for Christ has always been now. Christ does not live in the past or the future. Like anything else that we might experience the time for Christ is now. It is only when we experience something now that we can notice it in the past and the future. If the person of Christ were to walk among us today he or she would be considered by many, the Antichrist. We have fashioned for ourselves expectation that can not be met.

The responsibility of Christ resides with each of us but we have imagined the person Jesus to be the sole proprietor of responsibility. Having deified, a man, our expectations of him are a failure. All men are ordinary, there is no exception. That is the value and the message of Jesus.

The Mystic Tourist

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