We spend so much time looking outside ourself for inspiration, for direction. We expect that some outside influence has the wisdom we need to satisfy our longing. It is this movement away from the appointment of self that cripples our progress. If we are to find our way we must understand that it lives in us as our self. It is this appointment that is intended to guide us and reveal understanding. The masters of every discipline know something of this wisdom. Certainly some are the embodiment of the full measure of this wisdom. The discovery of self as the master, this is where we begin our fulfillment.

The Mystic Tourist

One thought on “Inspiration

  1. Yes, I have received the lesson time and time again that everything that I need or hope for is within myself or in front of me!! and yet I could not get through each day without THANKING GOD along the way in my day and also seeing the GRACE that is there.
    We receive what we give out and the Universe does LISTEN!

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