My interest in this blog remains steadfast. In my time away from writing I have been working to resolve myself to a less conflicted state. To a state of sanctuary. For me the purpose of life is divinity. I have no other expectation and sanctuary represents a divine state. I have always been comfortable considering my divinity privately. I think we are all divine beings but largely we are without sanctuary. We do not live a divine life. We are in constant conflict and imagine ourselves as we are not. Imagination is a creative process and imagining ourselves to be as we are not creates the conflict. In a state of sanctuary a person can walk in the world we collectively imagine, free of conflict.

When I last wrote for this blog, two months ago, I was perpetuating the conflict. My effort to live more openly brings me to this question of sanctuary. Sanctuary is not present without divine living and divine living is not present without sanctuary. Today in my life this is the appointment. To resolve this one issue, Sanctuary.

There is a subtlety at the core of this question of divinity and sanctuary. It is complexity born of imagined conflict. You might consider what we collectively imagine, that is not, that is this conflict, to be original sin. It is helpful to consider original sin matter-of-factly. To consider it as neither good nor bad but just there. At birth we buy into the environment that preceded us and imagine it ourselves. Making, in this environment, the sanctuary that is divine life is not so much complex as it is subtle. It is in no way meritorious. We are divine.

The only way for sanctuary to work is to always be in sanctuary. It can not be a place to go to, to achieve or discover. It has to be where we already and always are. Our divine nature is constant when we are not living it we are outside of sanctuary.

The Mystic Tourist

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