Peace Next

This a reply to a Blog Post on the PeaceNext site. I wrote it for that site but it is material that belongs here as well.

I have often considered “The image and likeness of God” and what it means. I have decided what it does mean for me. Image is imagination and likeness is, awareness – sentiency – cognition, etc. As to Gods omnipotence, that would be the simple fact of God’s existence. This holds true even if that fact is Gods non-existence. I am certain that we are each deserving of exactly the same thing, what God would have for us. It is the same for each of us and affords us no harm.

In considering scripture or any sacred text, I never get very far. The notion that any word, spoken, written, read, is the word of God, is a bridge I will not buy. It is known who writes, reads and speaks words. I am not confused about it. I am certain that God requires no intermediary and trust no man who claims to speak for God. That is to say, I trust that no man speaks for God. I have greater confidence in God than that.