Forgiveness, The Narrow Gate

As is usual, the world is falling apart. Or is it falling together? Middle East instability, global political unrest, drought and famine, floods, earthquakes, wars and rumors of wars, economic collapse, injustice. That is the short list. Are we building a better world? Over time we certainly have. Our technologies have improved living conditions and opportunity for large numbers of people. They also present challenges as we gobble up resources and harm our environment. As our population explodes so does our challenge to live sustainably and peacefully. There is life’s constant uncertainty and predictions and expectations of a dire reward. It is the same as it has always been except that we have made the world smaller due to population and technology.

While many of us work for a peaceful and prosperous future others are determined to bring about Armageddon, thinking their reward is in the next world. It is this world that is our charge. If we can not choose what is best here, how likely are we to choose it elsewhere? Do we really think that God would punish us? If so, do we need to do this work for God? Is it necessary to bring hardship and suffering against others because they are wrong with God. If that is God’s design then why not let God do God’s own work? When we consider our ‘faith’ in God we are clearly, oftentimes, quite confused. Much of what we know of God is what we have imposed on God and is not God at all.

It seems that what is of God must be absolute. The notion that there would be absolute suffering seems absurd to my mind. It is not possible for me to imagine any God that would design such an outcome. This clearly is a human design and grossly inept. I would not be inclined to have anything to do with a God like that. I can not find it in myself to wish such suffering on anyone. If I did, how would that make me any different from the person I think deserves it? Of God there is abundance. We find that we can choose to do as we will. We can make the best of our world and expect that of God. Even in the face of adversity we can hold this ground and then it is real.

In this season of renewal let us renew our confidence in a compassionate and caring God. Forgiveness is the narrow gate and compassion its reward. Take the path and open the gate.

The Mystic Tourist


I have wanted to avoid writing for the sake of writing. I expect this blog to stay fresh, that the material would be more of an evolution than a repetition. I also want it to be an active blog. Wanting fresher material I have added no material and that has become the repetition.

I have not been idle. I am doing the work that I believe will produce fresh material. One of my primary occupations is metaphysics. The structure of how. Of how a person finds themselves to be. We often confuse who we are with how we are, and how, is metaphysical. The metaphysics of how is an exercise in subtlety and can seem tedious. I am working on my personal gravity. On what it draws to myself. The work is going well. I still attract a past injury that casts a shadow of anger or a distant rage.

This project has brought me to our fundamental gravity, our birth. This is something each one of us has in common, a nearly identical experience that unites us to our origin. To what preceded birth. I am considering the experience to be something like a black hole. Obviously there is a pun there but it is not intended, just unavoidable. It seems that birth introduces us to a bubble, to an interruption of the time that does exist; now. I am working to reacquaint myself with my infant person. A truer representation of who I am. It is this person who understands better our true nature and can introduce us to the magic of now. All that ever can, ever will, ever did, happen happens now. It is all contained there and it is all known there. It owns us all and would share itself with anyone who can discover that their singular gravity is now. We tend to be much busier than that. It is intended that each of us should know this magic. That we are that which is creation. We have and are creative authority.

You can see that writing about this one thing, but living it, well that is another. It is that conundrum that has kept me from writing. I feel I am constantly alluding to something that I have not completed. That I am chasing my tail.

The Mystic Tourist