Spirit Guides

In my recent post, Divine Assistance, I wrote of spirit guides. In that piece the spirits I mentioned were the spirits that animate us. These in my view are the most important spirits. If our spirit is angry, resentful, depressed then our spirit is dark and it attracts other dark spirits. We create a place like a harbor to keep, nurture and develop a durable presence. Other dangerous spirits are those of self-importance or selfishness. These spirits can create a great deal of worldly success and even the illusion of happiness and true value. They are as a fire that keeps the darkness and the dark spirits at bay. The fire is caused by a friction that consumes and leaves us in the company of those dark spirits.

The harbor I wrote of is a false harbor as its value is, naught.

We can of course animate our self with other spirits, spirits of light, or enlightenment. I mentioned them or at least some of them in ‘Divine Assistance’. These spirits behave a little differently. They do not build a false harbor, they dismantle it. As we free our self from our false constraint we can begin to recognize spirits, other than our spirit. Spirits who are free. Spirits who guide and protect us. While our dark spirits attract other dark spirits to us, spirits of light attract us to them.

I am sure that we all see these spirits. We certainly see the spirits that we allow to animate our selves. We corrupt our creative authority with ignorance. When we choose ignorance it always creates denial and we pretend not to see where we are, who we are and who is here with us.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2012

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