The Veil of Ignorance

The veil of ignorance is a trickster. Once we have chosen ignorance we never know where it will manifest. It is as a prolific weed that is also a chameleon able to pretend. It replicates itself everywhere we look and fashions itself to appear to be what we are looking for. It sets the parameters for denial and we begin to consider things as they are not. It does not mimic the rational mind, it employs it.

In our social experience ignorance is prolific and as we grow and fit ourselves in, we give it permission and accept things as they are not. To be a member of the social community it seems a rite of passage.

It has a true purpose. Having become the filter, clouding the lens through which we consider everything, we are given our appointment. It is intended that we learn to see it. To learn its tricks and then we can find our way.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2012

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