Constant Creation and Destruction

Creativity. I will consider it as creation. Creation it seems to me is constant. It did not begin anything as it just simply is. We consider time in a linear progression and then imagine creation in the same way, it is not the way I consider creation. I think the moment we experience is actually timeless. The past and the future are present there but time itself is not. The only time anything is ever known to happen is now, it is neither the past or the future and it is the moment of creation. It is creation. If we reduce our past and our future to just one thing that we have to do, we are then present in the moment, now, and we have no other thing to do. This is where creativity resides. People realize this in varying degrees but it is a place a person can be. It is an appointment a person can keep.

Destruction is a corruption of creation or more accurately an attempt to corrupt creation and as such it is corruption that we create. Imagination can not be separated from creation. It sees the true nature of the past and future and allows not an intensity but rather a calm. A calm that allows now to be the constant giving creation authority. When calmness allows us to concentrate our self to be present, now, we become the authority that defines the past and the future. When we allow the past and the future to disperse our self we are less calm and we create what perpetuates that. When we are this way the past and the future define what we must do to reach the calmness of now. This is how creation is constant. Either way we are creative but when we are calm we give creation authority. Imagination of course can also be dispersed away from the constant of now. There are many alignments and components that create the appointment, now, and many ways to be creative. Creation itself is now and that is where it resides.

Of course we can never escape our authority but we can pretend we do not realize it and then the reality we create is false. It is not that it is less real it is that we pretend. We create a reality on falsehoods that remove us from what is constant, now. When we remove the veils that separate us from now we recognize our own authority and true appointment.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2012

Whose God is it Anyway

I tried to talk with God but he was too busy writing books. Books that were full of contradictions. He thought that was real funny. When he was not doing that he was busy laughing his ass off watching the countless people who could not make sense of his books and wound up in hell. He got a particular kick out the folks who were sure their faith had saved them, that they had found the one true religion. It was then that I realized he was not God. An Oger such as that is fiction created in our own hellish nightmare. God would save us from that if we would just let it go and let God represent God’s self. If we found the narrow gate of forgiveness and let compassion rule. Kind of like what Jesus said when he sought forgiveness. Not for himself but for the people who humiliated him, tortured him and brutally murdered him. You do not need a book to know how to do that. You just have to do it. It is a way to be that does not recognize the boundary or constraint of any religion.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2012