2 thoughts on “The Word of God

  1. This is a ‘cute’ or ‘smart’ remark that sounds great and I kind of like it, but maybe God really does choose only certain people to ‘talk’ to — people called “prophets.” I know this flies in the face of a lot of people in the sense that they feel rather indignant that God doesn’t choose them as His spokesperson, but maybe that’s the reality of the situation. I think you can get confirmation and guidance from God about a lot of things through what some refer to as the “still, small, voice,” or the “Holy Spirit,” but I really don’t think God is too apt to communicate generally to everyone in a personal manner like it was reported in ancient Biblical texts.

  2. I am glad you liked the post Vik. I think the quality of my relationship with God is the result of my disposition and attitude, and that God desires my good regard and acquaintance. For me, the expectation that God would not have to do with me and favors others above me, is an act of indignation that separates me from God. Nothing could be more personal the relationship we have with God. As for others speaking for God, I do not believe it. I consider that to be disrespectful.

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