Unmasking Michael

My return to the scene of the crime should not take very long. I am the crime scene as well as the perp. My effort to disfigure, disguise and deny myself seems intended to keep me from myself. As I work to uncover the child who I once knew myself to be, my body double works beside me recommitting the crime. Who is this masked man, this imitation me? He is my ego. My ego wants to be my protector by insulating me and making sure that I am not seen. It seems the only path to Michael, the child within me, that I am intended to be, is reconciliation. I must make amends with my ego. He is not some stranger, he is entirely the product of my child self. It is this person I must nurture and make well if I am to reveal my true self, unmasked. This ego is my creation and only by creating the ego, I want to be, will the promise of my life be realized. I remember my child, he was magical and he used the magic to create a mask and hide.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2012

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