Self Control

Isolating control, identifying my creator, the person who made me how I am. Shrouded by emotion, determination, accusation, and accumulation there is a collector. There is the architect of self who manufactures a person. Behaviors, attitudes, disposition and personality are all discretionary. I create the person the world knows me to be. There is a who of me and I can be this person, choosing instead to form my person to resemble my soul. My existence, independent of the unnecessary characteristics created as I pretended not to have a soul. Something more durable than flesh. For the soul to live, as flesh, I must accept it as my self. My soul can disassemble, who I am not, revealing who I am and how it is intended for me to be. All of the secrets of existence are known by the soul and the soul longs to share them, first with me, and then with the world.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2012

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