Fourth Chakra Fourth Dimension

The path to spiritual maturity leads me through my past. Like an image in a mirror my past reminds, directs and presents where I have been and the path I did not choose. The one way that fulfills my promise is never subject to change, it offers me no place to go but rather a way to be wherever I go. The Fourth chakra is like a fourth dimension, a mirror I can step into. A place where image is the structure of reality. The spiritual world is in this realm of image. I think we all see it but few people step over the threshold. The door is compassion and it is always open. Compassion has keys, forgiveness for example, unlocks compassion and I can consider the passage it reveals. I can leave my lost childhood behind and discover the promise of a new birth a completion of self where temporal realities meet the boundless realm of spirit. It is here that no mystery exists and creation is. The passage through the fourth chakra resolves the confusion I pretend to have and the past I create is the future I remember.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2012

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