Soul Awakening

Thought can bind me in place. It is a spiderweb like matrix and I become fixed unable to refresh my perspective. Behavior is born of this condition and I develop a sense of certainty and comfort. We have common thought and perception that we share forming communities of support. New ideas are captured by this stickiness and in turn secure us in place. It is usual, I think, for people to be in this condition. We are known to use imagination to dress our self with a sense of independence all the while being quite stuck. As I work to extricate myself from my sticky comfort the stickiness and its persuasion would frustrate me. I need a new way to consider mobility if I am to navigate the human community while avoiding its adhesive persuasion. This new way of course would only be new to me as nothing can be or is new. The reconciliation of my temporal self with the boundless untethered embrace of spirit produces the soul in its temporal form. My soul is immune to the sticky nature of human preconception and imposition. It only knows truth and it is in truth that I am free of the adhesive condition of being human.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2012

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