Who How or Both. The Ego

The invention that is my self. My birth, its place and time, the community of my genes and the context of my human environment, give how I am a default footprint. I am free to fashion that as I will. I create the environment for my self that restrains truth or lets truth reign. It is my ego that is this deciding force, that presents the example and expresses my choice. Truth has a community. It is absolute, it can suffer no harm and nothing exists without it. Where truth reigns what is absolute is known by who is. The ego can choose to allow this person, the who of how, to forge the ego into its useful tool. To be who I am. When how I am is who I am, I am who am. This is the quest, the prize, the secret of mysticism. To choose to be who am and surrender the temporal person providing my soul a human throne. A temporal place to be who am.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2012

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