The Devil You Know

Spirits of good purpose, where can I find them? The first place to look is where they are naught. It is good to remember providence when embarking on any quest as providence is the source of confidence. In looking for spirits providence is particularly helpful especially in areas where good spirits are naught. There is no place, where awareness, consciousness and sentiency exist, that spirits are absent. While I think some of us do walk with good spirits and ignorance , ignorance is the preferred realm of harmful spirits. Some of us walk in the light of grace and ignorance serves a less sinister purpose allowing the good spirits to populate our surrounding. Grace is also a constant presence and so we each find its light in our life. Ignorance is as a veil of differing density. When we allow it to become dense enough it is denial. Ignorance always filters light to some degree, but denial blocks it entirely. Goodness is a vague term unless I define it. Goodness is associated with grace and providence. With God. All that is good is in the light or gives light.

When we harbor darkness in our thoughts it begins to bundle together the qualities of darkness and block the light. There are spirits that populate the darkness and those spirits crave permanence. Ignorance makes it easy to pretend these spirits do not exist while we forge agreements to assure the darkness these spirits crave. Our personal caches of darkness develop chamber-like reservoirs that harbor dark spirits and behaviors. These are what devils are and it is usual for people to acquaint themselves with them while pretending devils do not exist, or that they are not like this. The spirits that inhabit the devils we create build a web of agreement with the human community propagating ignorance and denial and our collective purchase of it. These spiritual beings have no durable quality. They are as a fiction that we entertain as a reality while pretending they are naught.

The personal devils we create distract us from our acquaintance of good spirits. The good spirits live in the light and we construct darkness inventing an imaginary separation from them. In the dark we imagine all sort of terrible things about what lies there while pretending we can not see it. We know full well what is there, it is required in order to make our agreement to ignore it. We find the beings that live there frightening and ignorance serves its purpose. Demons, Devils and Satans are what populate the darkness we create. They exist in darkness and do not like to be seen. To dismiss them we must meet them and dissolve our agreement with them. They are a fiction and our good spirits await our dismissal of them.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2012

Mirror Image

I will write again about the fourth chakra using the mirror simile. I am not a scholar but rather a mystic. I have made a very brief and casual study of the chakra’s and did read a few paragraphs about the Kundalini, two and a half or three decades ago. I am mystic and I do what I call mysticism’s. I discover that there is something I am to do and set about trying to see what it is. From there I will pull one word at a time from the void and write it down until an idea begins to take shape. It is only when I finish the work that it is clear what I am doing. It is the same way I write this blog. Years ago I did a mysticism of the seven primary chakra’s. They are the focus of my spiritual work today and this blog is about that work.

The fourth chakra is as a mirror. A mirror we can step into and control. The integrity born of truth is the secret the allows me to take this step. As I gaze into the mirror unable to secure my passage the images it reveals show me the way. The way I am and the burden that anchors me on the outside of my destiny. The burden, or wealth, that will not make this passage are the lies that I have told myself. The falsehoods about how I am and who is to blame. I am free to learn the lessons the mirror reveals and discover my true nature, dressing the image I see to resemble that image. It is this work that gains passage. When the image I see is true I become the image in the mirror and the fourth chakra becomes a passage, no longer a mirror. This is the magical nature of who we are.

Once I remember my future, my destiny, letting go of the false-comforts that restrain me I am free to make how I am be who I am. While my gaze is fixed on the image I only see how I am and who I am provides the image, to teach me, from the other side of the mirror. This is providence. Should I choose to make the image, seen here in the temporal world, that of my teacher from the other side of the fourth chakra, the higher chakra’s reign into human form and spiritual life has a temporal reality.

That is the life of this mystic. Just now I am still working on it and that of course creates paradox. It is working on it that prevents or prohibits success. At some point I must accept that there is no work to do, that destiny is now and how I am is who I am.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2012

The Spirit of Ignorance is Denial

In the world of spirit there are many inhabitants and we produce much of what populates our spiritual experience. It is typical for people to ignore the spiritual realm and ignorance, when held over time, always produces denial. It is understandable that people are confused about an aspect of our experience that so many are certain does not exist and others accept on faith alone. People have direct experience of what is spiritual and so it is a component of our shared reality. Due to ignorance and its inevitable denial, our spiritual experience is controversial. Faith is of little help because one of its prerequisites is that it should not be questioned. Faith is usually associated with religion and the requirement that the tenants of the religion be accepted on faith. It is understandable that many of us find this to be disingenuous and dishonest. Faith is very powerful. If you have religious faith it is likely you are part of a religious community. There is great support in community. Faith also gives confidence to those who exercise it. Confidence is very powerful, it makes a big difference in everything a person does.

I prefer to have my confidence without faith. I see faith as unnecessary and cumbersome. Confidence does not need it. I think faith is often used as a shield. We can know and be certain, we can be right, without looking, without seeing, without questioning. It gives us permission to keep ignorance and denial firmly in place. My experience of the world of spirit does not need faith. Spirits populate my world.

Ignorance gives birth to a spirit and its name is Denial. This is a very busy spirit and it is able to represent itself in countless ways. It is also a very popular spirit that multiplies and populates the spiritual experience we share. In living a spiritual life this spirit, and all of its ramifications, must be addressed. An agreement must be made if progress is to be realized. The popularity of this spirit and the work that it does in our spiritual experience makes certain that each of us has an existing agreement with it. Over time we compound and fix these agreements forming a matrix that intends to keep us in place.

My passage to spiritual living, here in human form, requires that I attend to the agreements I have with all spirits. Each of us is in constant communication with spirits and so we each have active agreements with them. What sort of agreement do you have with the spirits that populate your world?

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2012

The Habits of Being

Projection Project

The habits of my being are comprised of three rules; objectivity, incentive and approval. These rules are applied to everything I am, creating how I consider what I allow myself to be. I use these rules to reveal or to hide my true being.

The intimacy of a woman, with child, is the most fundamental conversation. There is no need for words but the mechanisms required to structure our self are hard at work. We begin the process of self-representation while entirely dependent on another. Our sense of objectivity is obscured by the extremely subjective nature of our circumstance. It takes time to grow and realize our independent nature. Even when we think we have done this the intimacy of the dependency that we experienced in the womb and as a baby, toddler etc stays with us. We first fashion our tools of identity, of self, at this early time and they are the underlying tide, the conversation with community that gives us our appointment of self recognition. We project through a lens of disposition and attitude the person others see and they in turn reflect it back at us. Words are secondary to this process but this is the conversation we are having. This is communication. It is very real but real need not be true.

Objectivity having been obscured by the subjective nature of conception, birth and childhood our sense of incentive is also skewed. For anything at all to happen, approval is granted and we create how we are. How, for this topic, can be considered in terms of value. The value we place on our experience creates the exchange that presents our self. It is the things that I value, habits, behaviors, beliefs that I pin myself to. Even if these are of a poor nature, bad for me, if I value them, choose them, they come to be the way I fix my self. The conversation, silent and wordless, by which we present our self emphasizes the importance of community. Community can be as a siren tempting us to build our self away from our true self. Should I decide to discover my true self and build my identity based on that, I only need objectivity. Another word for objectivity is compassion. Compassion does not exist without objectivity and compassion is absolute because it only exists in a measure that is inexhaustible. It is this absolute quality that makes possible the expression of my true self because truth is also absolute. No matter the challenge truth remains unchanged. It is omnipotent.

We also project the imaginings we craft of other people and these images are influential. While these imaginings portend to be about others what are in fact about is our own considerations which are in turn reflected back to us reaffirming our own craft. We have imaginings about all manner of things and project images that we then expect accurately present the true content of experience. We have a community of consent and form broad agreements. This is how we craft reality and while it is true that we imagine things to be a certain way and form broad agreements our imaginings do not need to be truth-based. I expect that largely the truth is lost in our imaginings and consent. The experience we imagine is peppered with incentive and reward for approval but what is lost is objectivity. Our true nature, which is obscured is also absolute. Regardless of what we foist upon it, it remains unchanged, unharmed, as truth can suffer no injury. Objectivity is marked by what is absolute and so it is as a key that can unlock the narrow gate and reveal our true nature.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2012

Soul Awakening

Thought can bind me in place. It is a spiderweb like matrix and I become fixed unable to refresh my perspective. Behavior is born of this condition and I develop a sense of certainty and comfort. We have common thought and perception that we share forming communities of support. New ideas are captured by this stickiness and in turn secure us in place. It is usual, I think, for people to be in this condition. We are known to use imagination to dress our self with a sense of independence all the while being quite stuck. As I work to extricate myself from my sticky comfort the stickiness and its persuasion would frustrate me. I need a new way to consider mobility if I am to navigate the human community while avoiding its adhesive persuasion. This new way of course would only be new to me as nothing can be or is new. The reconciliation of my temporal self with the boundless untethered embrace of spirit produces the soul in its temporal form. My soul is immune to the sticky nature of human preconception and imposition. It only knows truth and it is in truth that I am free of the adhesive condition of being human.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2012

Fourth Chakra Fourth Dimension

The path to spiritual maturity leads me through my past. Like an image in a mirror my past reminds, directs and presents where I have been and the path I did not choose. The one way that fulfills my promise is never subject to change, it offers me no place to go but rather a way to be wherever I go. The Fourth chakra is like a fourth dimension, a mirror I can step into. A place where image is the structure of reality. The spiritual world is in this realm of image. I think we all see it but few people step over the threshold. The door is compassion and it is always open. Compassion has keys, forgiveness for example, unlocks compassion and I can consider the passage it reveals. I can leave my lost childhood behind and discover the promise of a new birth a completion of self where temporal realities meet the boundless realm of spirit. It is here that no mystery exists and creation is. The passage through the fourth chakra resolves the confusion I pretend to have and the past I create is the future I remember.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2012

Spirit and Ego

The ego resides in the third chakra. It is as the crown of our early development, our child complete. As a child we depend on others to nurture and support us and this support, good or bad, mimics the fourth chakra, compassion. The ego tends to grow horizontally becoming dependent on gross sensory reward. Intuition does not find its home in our third chakra and the ego likes to consider itself our crowning achievement. It is not. Our forth chakra, compassion, invites ego to grow vertically. It is the gate, or bridge, between the higher and lower chakra’s. The attributes of spirit live in our higher chakra’s. It is here that objectivity is found. We must follow our intuition to open the higher chakra’s and discover that true achievement is found in surrender and acceptance, absent of achievement.

Ego tends to blame itself, so it is not worthy of its spiritual inheritance or to pride itself making spirituality a merit or reward. This draws us into worthless horizons, into temporal reward. Ego finds its true fulfillment by releasing the temporal world, letting it go. This requires compassion. The boundlessness of compassion draws us into our higher chakra’s and I begin to make sense of my existence.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2012