The Future Past

I know why I pretend not to close the deal. It is my experience of the future. I want to avoid that and the only time I can do it is now. For how long and why have I held the future in such contempt? To receive the answer I must use magic. Magic and creation, they are the same thing and each of us are the way we are by the magic we choose. Except for now the past and the future would not exist. Nothing happens in the past and nothing happens in the future. It is only possible for experience to be now. Now is the magic. The entirety of the past and future is intact, complete, now. It is usual for us to disperse our self in the expanse of time. Our memories, regrets and pleasantries, capture us. Do the past and future actually exist? They do but much of their construct is not true and so it is fiction. This fiction can only exist by virtue of the truth. The truth supports indiscriminately. Much of what is real is fiction and we confuse our self with its perpetuation. We assume that if it is real it is true.

We remember the future as well. We construct it from past memories and so it is memory. Some memories are more causative than others and the fiction we create clings to the truth. Its existence depends on it and the two are a confusion as they must be. The causative nature of our memories creates a fiction difficult to unravel and being real makes it no distinction between what is true and what is naught. The only time we can discern the truth from what is naught is now, but typically, we are so dispersed through times expanse of past and future that now is simply spent mindlessly recreating what is past and future. I think I have certain memories with a fundamental causal gravity that are as a key to unlocking the magic of me. A mastery of magic as opposed to its mindless repetition of conditions future and past. It seems I have a future memory that frightens me and around it a construct by which I hide the truth. I have no idea if the memory is true due to the construct of confusion. Confusion also makes memory vague. This vagueness is tantalizing and I continue to create what is confusion. It is as if there is a pin I can remove and the silliness of my personal fiction falls apart restoring who I am to present the truth of how I am.

This is where prophecy or déjà vu come from. They are memories from the future. Intuition also is produced of the past future constructs and their relationship to now. Everything is but when the past and future are considered this way I can begin to make sense of how I work. I have had déjà vu. It is an obvious memory but the memory is reversed in the timeline. Clearly we have memory of the future.

There can be no acceptance of anything without first knowing what it is. The future is like anything else, we accept it by knowing it beforehand. I expect to find the courage to remove the pins from my personal fiction revealing who I am to construct how I am in true form but I do not know when. I continue to work on it and am yet a little confused.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2012

The Invention of Time

Inventing time. As we cobble together the conditions allowing experience we determine what parameters will be used. Using the template we call the past the future is invented. This is the familiar time-line, the progression from past to future. We tend to think we are at its mercy but as I see it we are its creator. No we are not God, but this is one of the ways we are created, “In God’s image and likeness”. We are creative and as such we are responsible. The world is the way we find it because we have made it that way. If not then we are created in some image and likeness other than God or God is that which is naught and all that we experience is some chemical-electrical fluke. Maybe you prefer some other explanation. It does not matter how we consider what is, it remains unchanged and what we think produces much of what we experience and even determines what we allow ourselves to experience.

We repeat the past or invent the future, that is time and its natural rhythm is predictable. It is understandable that much of what we do is just the past repeated over and over again. It need not be, we can invent, create, something much different. Our history tells stories of people who have. It is regrettable that the way we have treated those who prove our heritage and creative authority has so often been with rude and violent reward. While the past is required to invent and create time, we do not have to make its repetition what we create. I do not know why we are so threatened by who we are that we make how we are so opposed to it, but we do.

One of the rules that govern time is the need for consensus. We have to build an agreement that establishes precedent. Much of the content of the human community is spiritual. This is where the consensus for creation is made. Where parameters are set. There is a communication between us that is subtle, spiritual. We mingle with each other spiritually. When we do this we establish what is allowed, what we will share in the world we consider real. To establish an agreement spiritually, contrary to accepted norm, a consensus has to be built. The language is thought, presented by the clarity or lack thereof of our spiritual condition. From here we create what we experience, by agreement, first spiritually and then in the realm we refer to as reality.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2012

Divine Choice

Being human, choice is power. As I choose I am. Should I continue on the path of complacency, choosing conjecture and philosophical musings, endlessly avoiding exposure, or might I actually be the proof? Make the choice. I have always felt that this discretion, this awareness of choice, owns me. It has been an uncomfortable relationship. I enjoy my perspective, what I see, but to fully appreciate it I have to go there. To bring the human community to the world I see. Even as I write my ambivalence boils. It is my lack of decision that creates the friction that is my ambivalence and it boils away. I know the choice. I have danced with it for decades. Why not just do it and get it over with? I know this, I do not want the exposure. I am afraid of what people will do. The only refuge being offered is this choice. It seems that at some point putting it off will cost me much more that just doing it. Have I reached that point? Will I go beyond it and pay the price?

I aspire to the divine life. I am no saint but I can see the path of divine living. What I do not see is any support for taking the walk, yet it is the only drive that I have in me. Everything in my life, every joy, every sorrow, orbit this choice. I have a litany of complaint and protest that screams at me and I postpone the choice. It is the way my life has long been. The only thing that prevents divine living, in my life, is my own complaint and protest. I am no different from anyone else. When I look, that is what I see and it is also one of my complaints. Let someone else do it. Just writing, “Let someone else do it”, I feel my tension build and restrain me. I am a very tense person. I have to be as this choice is all that drives me. It takes a lot of tension to restrain me.

What is holding you back?

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2012

Love and Magic


The path of love is always the path that leads to worth. No matter what has happened, if things are good or bad. When I embrace my life, the good and the bad with love, a way is revealed. A path forward. It is the only path forward, there is no other way. Without love we are bound by its absence. All that is hurtful, painful. When I let love into the recesses where pain and hurt remain they lose their grip, their tension melts and the magic of a way forward is revealed. This is the secret of compassion, its spirit. Love. It is true magic.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2012

The Rule of Resentment

When I was a child I was reluctant to conform and to the extent I did conform I did so reluctantly. This reluctance produced a default for dealing with difficulty. My personal tendencies; attitude, demeanor, temperament, the inclination to react that comes naturally to me, were fixed in place by a very young child. As an adult these childish sensibilities still produce a framework on which I present myself. They produce a tendency to react, to do things a certain way because that was the behavior I settled on as an upset and resentful child. Beneath this resentment is a sense of injury, a choice to interpret my experience as undesirable. Of course these were not the only tendencies and behaviors I developed as a child but they are the ones that as an adult I should be careful of. It is easy to let them dictate choice and draw me away from what serves me best. When times are difficult, this reaction to difficulty, set in place as a child, are as a poor guide to choice and behavior. When having a difficult time and applying this default, a structure is put in place that remains intact, when the difficulty has past. There is no way to erase what has been done, to undo it. Instead I can change it by using it to create, from what I have done, from what is, a place that seems better or best. It is real work, and because the subject matter is difficulty, it is difficult.

As a young child my sense of awareness included companions others could not see. I do not remember them but have been told stories that remind me of a shared frustration. These were not pretend beings, they made themselves known. The adults in my life became frustrated by my ‘imaginary’ acquaintances and I in turn was frustrated by their claim not to see what was right in front of them. I buried the memories with pain and disappointment. Among other things I was resentful. While I have no tangible recollection of my childhood friends the memory remains somewhere and a I have residual sense of it.

Perhaps someday I will recollect my childhood companions. I almost can. As an adult I have met any number of Angels, Ascendant Beings, Deva, People transitioning between lives, Satan’s, Devils and Demons. It is also common to encounter spirit representations of people I know who are family, friends, or adversaries. In the last few years I am most likely only to encounter these temporal spirit forms. The spirit forms of people alive today as human acquaintance. I see the others but only occasionally. When my youngest was five and his older sister eight my ex walked out and abandoned us. She remained involved but her entire focus was to harm me and our children. She worked hard to teach the children to hate the people dearest to them who were my side of the family, as well as myself, and she actively tried to ruin me financially. I mention this as a matter of fact, not as a slight. Emotionally, psychologically, she is not well. She makes poor choice and I think that is the cause of it. (I am not a psychologist or otherwise professionally credentialed and my opinion is just that. My opinion). This situation lasted for many years and I built difficult structures. These structures are built with the habits of thought. Countless subtleties where I hide myself from ‘good spirit’ companions.

To create the place where these good spirits are comfortable, willing to show themselves, is no different from building the difficult structures that keep them away. It is a more deliberate process, to build away from the structure of difficulty. It is done with the countless subtleties of the habit of thought. Once done it is durable.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2012

Providence Grace and Divination

The spirit of providence is grace, or, in other words, grace is the spirit of God’s constant presence, providence. Is God or is God naught? The answer to this is constant and it is known as providence. It does not matter what the answer is, as ultimately it can not be disputed, and so it makes no difference. God is revealed only if my habits support fact. Fact is the construct of what is. We do imagine things differently than things are but fact assures the true nature of things, even as we imagine it differently. When the fact on which I base my imaginings is followed, the truth is revealed. We center our self, so that falsehood is lost, by imagining understanding, acceptance, grace and compassion. These qualities create an environment where providence is known and its spirit, grace, is active. We are no longer forcing the world as we want it but accepting it as it is.

Being mystic I practice divination. I use it to decide pretty much everything. This is no guarantee for good decision-making. If the qualities of understanding, acceptance, grace and compassion are not at the center of the world I imagine divination is frustrated. This is providence guiding me back to my true center. When my center is true falsehoods gain little traction. The fact that they exist remains but the true path of providence is revealed and grace clears the way. Divination is a crude tool to guide me to this center, should I ever decide to stay there long enough it becomes unnecessary as the good choice becomes a constant habit and grace adds itself to the spirit that animates me.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2012

Image and Likeness

Beginning with the admission that God expects me, as God does expect all others, to know God, I acknowledge that God renders God’s self available. Without exception, it is not possible for any human being to change this. No argument can prove God does or does not exist. God’s existence, even if God is naught, can only be known, it cannot be unknown. This is a simple fact of existence and it applies to all that exists. This is not the knowledge of ownership, of intellectual sophistication, it is the knowledge of being, of existence. A simple matter of being acquainted with all that is by being a part of all that is.

The tree of knowledge has a fruit, some say it is good and evil, I see it as right and wrong. The lie of ownership. We can own nothing but rather are owned by the fact of our existence. We know, or more accurately are acquainted with, by existence, all that is. When we surrender the false ownership of right and wrong the veil falls away and we see who we are. We walk with God. It is the temptation of the fruit of the tree of knowledge that distracts us and we imagine the world we live in.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2012

Fate or Destiny

Fate results from how we are and is fickle, temperamental. An endless cycle of repetition, the past forever trying to get our attention so we might choose a better future. Destiny is who we are, our soul calling us, prodding us, to choose that better future. While these are not designed as the same thing when we choose our destiny they are the same.

Michael. The Mystic Tourist ©2012

Repair the Future With the Past

I recently read The Past is Your Light Map by Jennifer Hoffman.  I read it at Shift Frequency, a site run by Gillian Grannum. I really like her site. I find Jennifer’s blog too imposing but the post I read did inspire me and I have provided the link.

I was reminded of a method of healing I have used before but whose application had escaped me. I spent a few years doing regression therapy. Using a swing rod I would divine a past event that carried irritability and difficulty into my day-to-day living. I would do a simple reconstruction of the event and then dissolve it with apology and forgiveness. For a number of years I did this to manage my well-being. If I did not do this my health would collapse. After a time I came to see that the past is consequential in a way that perpetuated the injuries from the past. The injurious nature of my past created future fates that then drew me toward them. In my experience these fates were far fewer than the past injuries that created them but none the less injurious. Using the same methods of divination I would divine these fates and dissolve them as a way to repair my health and maintain well-being.

As near as I can tell my work with regression and fate is complete, however, the tendency to create these conditions remains and I fell into that condition. That creates the spiral, or gravity, that perpetuates difficulty and eventually the work needs to be done all over again. It is like turning off a light and then complaining about not being able to see. It is caused by ignorance. Any act of ignorance causes its growth. It is adhesive and the smallest step in this direction is immediately problem-some.

Jennifer’s blog post gave me a way to see what I could do differently. The word ‘hate’ has been a plague in my thought for some time. It is self-hate and of course it collects. It has been hard to see where it comes from and how to be rid of it. It is from my past and its gravity has had me stuck. I have worked to replace it by thinking love when the word, hate, shouts at me. So far not so good, until now. I realized that when irritability reared up the word hate would shout at me and the irritability was tied to my past, to an attitude attached to an incident in the past. Now I see the mechanism and that the irritability just wants love. I divine what the irritability is about and broadcast love for it into my future dissolving its gravity and creating the future I want from the past. The past and the future? They are the same thing and I am always free to create the future I want, now.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2012