Image and Likeness

Beginning with the admission that God expects me, as God does expect all others, to know God, I acknowledge that God renders God’s self available. Without exception, it is not possible for any human being to change this. No argument can prove God does or does not exist. God’s existence, even if God is naught, can only be known, it cannot be unknown. This is a simple fact of existence and it applies to all that exists. This is not the knowledge of ownership, of intellectual sophistication, it is the knowledge of being, of existence. A simple matter of being acquainted with all that is by being a part of all that is.

The tree of knowledge has a fruit, some say it is good and evil, I see it as right and wrong. The lie of ownership. We can own nothing but rather are owned by the fact of our existence. We know, or more accurately are acquainted with, by existence, all that is. When we surrender the false ownership of right and wrong the veil falls away and we see who we are. We walk with God. It is the temptation of the fruit of the tree of knowledge that distracts us and we imagine the world we live in.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2012

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