The Future Past

I know why I pretend not to close the deal. It is my experience of the future. I want to avoid that and the only time I can do it is now. For how long and why have I held the future in such contempt? To receive the answer I must use magic. Magic and creation, they are the same thing and each of us are the way we are by the magic we choose. Except for now the past and the future would not exist. Nothing happens in the past and nothing happens in the future. It is only possible for experience to be now. Now is the magic. The entirety of the past and future is intact, complete, now. It is usual for us to disperse our self in the expanse of time. Our memories, regrets and pleasantries, capture us. Do the past and future actually exist? They do but much of their construct is not true and so it is fiction. This fiction can only exist by virtue of the truth. The truth supports indiscriminately. Much of what is real is fiction and we confuse our self with its perpetuation. We assume that if it is real it is true.

We remember the future as well. We construct it from past memories and so it is memory. Some memories are more causative than others and the fiction we create clings to the truth. Its existence depends on it and the two are a confusion as they must be. The causative nature of our memories creates a fiction difficult to unravel and being real makes it no distinction between what is true and what is naught. The only time we can discern the truth from what is naught is now, but typically, we are so dispersed through times expanse of past and future that now is simply spent mindlessly recreating what is past and future. I think I have certain memories with a fundamental causal gravity that are as a key to unlocking the magic of me. A mastery of magic as opposed to its mindless repetition of conditions future and past. It seems I have a future memory that frightens me and around it a construct by which I hide the truth. I have no idea if the memory is true due to the construct of confusion. Confusion also makes memory vague. This vagueness is tantalizing and I continue to create what is confusion. It is as if there is a pin I can remove and the silliness of my personal fiction falls apart restoring who I am to present the truth of how I am.

This is where prophecy or déjà vu come from. They are memories from the future. Intuition also is produced of the past future constructs and their relationship to now. Everything is but when the past and future are considered this way I can begin to make sense of how I work. I have had déjà vu. It is an obvious memory but the memory is reversed in the timeline. Clearly we have memory of the future.

There can be no acceptance of anything without first knowing what it is. The future is like anything else, we accept it by knowing it beforehand. I expect to find the courage to remove the pins from my personal fiction revealing who I am to construct how I am in true form but I do not know when. I continue to work on it and am yet a little confused.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2012

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