Ikisat The Serpent

The company I keep enforces the contract I crafted when I chose their acquaintance. We contract with all manner of spiritual beings and those are the agreements to which I refer. There are beings that reveal the true nature of the agreements we make with them and others who, by our agreement, deceive us. I do not know that it is possible to get through life without contracting with both of these types. I know of none who have and I have heard no stories to suggest any person ever has. Of these beings one of the most troublesome I have known is Ikisat.

I first met Ikisat decades ago. Ikisat is a Satan who is as a serpent. As with all Satans we must make a contract, an agreement with them, in order to be influenced and fooled by them. Because all Satans are liars when we make an agreement with them we are instantly corrupted with their lie and we deny the knowledge of our agreement. We even deny the existence of the Satan with whom we have made the agreement. It is all part of our bargain. We accept the lie and in doing so we lie to ourselves at the very moment of the bargain we strike. They are just liars and when we make an agreement with them we only fool our self and deny our divine existence. Satans only wield influence. We choose to align with them and the only authority they have is the choice that you or I make. Without our authority they have nothing. I know of five different types of Satans but the serpent is the most intimate. The serpent enters our being through any orifice and as such is an extremely corrupting influence.

Any discussion of spiritual beings is incomplete without the mention of Angels. Angels guide and protect us even when we inadvertently become corrupted by the Satanic influence so common in our human community. Satans are not to be feared. They cause no harm as they can only influence. They are to be understood. When we see the nature of our relationship with them we can appreciate the difficulty we all face. This appreciation gives opportunity to exercise compassion and to move and act by its spirit, love.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2012

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