The Way

Why invest in a life of spiritual pioneering? In finding a way that is the only way, the one way, that is my way. The way not found in books or by the direction of some great philosophy or teacher.  The way that is the way I am. For me it is my confidence that it is the only thing I have to do. That in my life any success is tied to this pursuit. It is a confidence, like my shadow, I can not escape. It sticks to me whether I pursue it or not. I do not have another way to consider life. Every aspect of my wellness and health are tied to it. The only true contentment I have ever known is when I have been in sync spiritually. When what I have been given to do, spiritually, is done or being done. So what exactly do I think I am being asked to do spiritually? I do believe that I am charged to live a divine life. Not to live as a saint. If that were the case the opportunity is already spent. My expectation of divine living is to bring the temporal and spiritual aspects of life to full measure in one life. A life absent of merit and full of grace.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2012

Angels In My Attic

Request, using known expectations, help from Angels. Known Expectations? What is known and expected of Angels? Much has been written about Angels and some of it I have found to be true. I have read very little, just enough to learn some names. It was interesting. I started with a biblical text and determined that the lesson to be learned from that story, was that it was a book of lies. I then discovered the book of Enoch. If you would like to learn Angelic names you would be well advised to consider this book. I read a few pages and while I did, I had the experience of reading between the lines. It was very exciting. I believe much of that text is also lies and the value is in making that determination. To read what was not written on the page was… wow.

In my experience of Angels I have found that asking for their help is very powerful. There is much that they can do that is of great help. They are busy doing it anyway but in asking them, there is a shift of dynamics. Doing this increases the likelihood that they will make themselves known. Their world is spiritual and when we behave in a spiritual manner, spiritual landscapes begin to take shape. We begin to see the world, the spiritual world, of which we are a part. Being incarnate is quite distracting and it is tempting to ignore all matters spiritual. It is possible to see the spiritual world while being incarnate and in doing this see the spiritual beings that populate it.

So what can we expect of Angels? We can expect that, for the most part, they go unnoticed. Spirit is their form. Light passes through them. They are not bound by the natural laws, of our temporal reality, in a way that is recognizable to me. Zateel introduced itself to me many years ago. I noticed an image, beyond the wall of the room in which I sat, It was off the ground by four or five feet on the same plane as the floor of the room I was in. In noticing Zateel I invited the angel to be my companion, or more accurately, accepted the invitation being extended to me. Zateel hung out with me for three days and was always accompanied by three cherub. It was very cool. I would be minding the business of my day and suddenly, notice their presence. This experience also made clear that they choose whether or not to present themselves. It would seem that a requirement, or commitment must be met, in order to notice them. A state of being that is a shared place. A certain disposition needs to be achieved and maintained over time. If we allow this disposition to become corrupted we lose sight of them.

When I write of ‘known expectations’ I refer to these experiences. I first noticed and maintained active relations with angels when I was doing work that had me asking assistance of them. In making such a request, over time, I migrate to a disposition that is a shared place. Recognition eventually matures and inevitably we see each other.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2012

Angelic Acquaintance

Angels it seems, in their role as guardians, rid our lives of demons. As recently as my post, Sarakiel The Demon Slayer, I wrote of foundation. There are three intersecting lines, Fate, Providence and Abundance. These three lines intersect at one point forming twelve right angles. Our imagination allows us to be at this point, or anywhere else. It is our choice. It is not necessary to see or to define this to be there. A person can be at or know this place, without any of the effort I put into it. This axis is essential to existence, our person belongs to it. We are free to wander wherever we like and neglect is often the state of foundation. Our relationship with foundation is determined entirely by choice. The texture of our thought. As we think; we are.

Angels rid providence, fate and abundance of demons and it is most helpful to ask them.  The demons distract us and we give them chase away from our foundation, even as we pretend we do not see them. In my experience, demons prefer to be unseen. Ignorance of them is fundamental to their influence. The lines of influence that are Fate, Abundance and Providence are miraculous. Not so much in a profound way but just matter of fact. It is here where creation and our person are bound as one. Miracle is the fact of our divine nature, it is ordinary, everyday and mundane. It is unusual for a person to truly appreciate their divine nature and the miraculous authority of foundation. It can not be done without the help of Angels. Only with their help can we clear perception, of distraction, and the lines of foundation restore our divine state.

Our shared sense of reality has no true foundation and it is tempting to ignore the divine and be a part of what seems the larger group. I am happier when I pursue my mystic sensibilities and what I can see for myself. I had forgotten the richness and reward of reliance on Angels, of asking them to help. It is this simple act of surrender that has been absent from my life.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2012

Where Is Now and How Do We Get There?

A person is comprised of the way interactions with others are considered by the person. In considering what our acquaintances see when they see us we fashion our interactions. Hidden in this is the reality that it is only our perception of how we are perceived that determines the way we consider acquaintance and how we think we are considered. These considerations are our person. There are many variables and moving parts that determine our person but this interface, is fundamental. What we think about is what we are. We, our persons, are built of thought. Just as is the world that we imagine ourselves living in. We also see the building blocks required to exist at all. We use all of this to try to fix, something more permanent. As if there could be something more permanent. After all our appointment is brief. If only we knew what to do?

I think we imagine a progression that simply does not exist outside of our imagination of it. That imagining makes it real and makes it possible to manipulate what is real to more closely resemble what is true. Doing this, a person begins with the fundamental considerations of self already mentioned. We must own the person we are without pretending we are as others consider us. There are many ways that this interaction is considered, or ignored. We project the person we consider our self to be, work, family, habits and behavior, and make assumptions as to how we are considered. Another personality type might internalize how he or she thinks they are being perceived and then make an impression of that in acquaintance. For the sake of brevity I will not try to imagine all the various ways different types play their hand. We do. It seems clear to me that we are aware of the true structure of creation as well as our role in staging reality. Then I have two questions; Why don’t I take more responsibility for it, express it? Why is the pretense of confusion (denial) so stubborn, and, what to do about that?

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2012

Happy Boy

Having rid the demon Indifference from hiding I must renew the child I found. The child whose company this demon kept. I found my child to be as happy and full of joy as I expected him to be. He is with me now but there remains a fragility to be understood and rectified. Very fun to renew this experience from my youth and embrace this happy boy for whom I had spent years searching. He would like me to do things a little differently, than has been my course, and I will follow his lead. After all he does know of joy and happiness. In finding him he advised me of my life and the joy and happiness I could find in it. Just for the bother of looking. I wrote of this adventure in my previous two posts, My Fourth Grade Demon and Sarakiel the Demon Slayer

Some wonder why I bother to puzzle all of this, spending so much time and effort. Isn’t there a simpler way? Of course there is and I expect most of us find themselves that way. It has not been the case for me. I have known for most of my life that I am this way. I discovered it when I was seventeen. It really pissed me off. You see I am a mystic, not because I decided, oh that would be fun. It is because I discovered it is how I am. Kind of like discovering your gay. There just is not anything I can do about it. Things are much better when I am happy about it and live as if there is some value in it.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist, ©2012

Sarakiel the Demon Slayer

I have a page on my blog I call ‘Workshop’. It is private and only I see it. I futz around there forging affirmations or piercing together the condition I am in. Basic metaphysics. While working to see what I would do this morning I pieced together this sentence. Word by word, using a divining rod:

Present the alternative I avoided, by taking up with Indifference, as how I am now. Find the alternative using my Angelic acquaintance Sarakiel. Let Sarakiel slay the Demon, Indifference.

Apparently the way I do this is by making public my acquaintance with Sarakiel. When an Angel decides to introduce itself, you notice, and I have known Sarakiel for some time. There is a foundation that is created by three intersecting lines, Providence, Fate and Abundance. It creates a point and twelve right angles. Angle, Angel, it is all very confusing. Associated with these lines of influence there are Angels. Sarakiel is the guardian of my fate. Phanuel is the guardian of my providence and Uriel is the guardian of my abundance. I am sure the Angels go unnoticed by most of us but I see the spiritual world and when I allow myself to be at my center the Angels make themselves known. It takes only a slight pollution of thought to create a veil and ignorance rules the way. Just know I am working to rid myself again of this ignorance, my life is better that way.

I have a long-standing attitude of doing everything myself. My children, or anyone for that matter, will ask me, “Can I give you a hand with that?” Invariably the response is, “No I got it.” I am beginning to see it has to do with this Demon, Indifference. I wrote about Indifference in the post My Forth Grade Demon.

Let us see what Srakiel can do.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2012

My Fourth Grade Demon

I have recently been reconnecting with the class I graduated eighth grade with. At the time this began, this reconnect, I was working on restoring my child and early childhood joy and happiness. I was using an affirmation that involved using love as a door. Nearly as soon as I started this project, this reconnect with the child I had been, I am contacted by my eighth grade class. Some people like to call that coincidence but I call it providence. What I thought I was looking for was not to be found where I was looking, but this invitation, to reconnect, revealed where I had hidden it. What I was looking for I found between grade three and grade four. I thought I would find it buried in the grief I knew in grade one.

You see they held me back in grade one. I passed the class, no problem, but my brother Bob was being held back in grade two. He had no problem passing his class, what the hell it is second grade, but he thought school was fun. The nuns would not tolerate that. I was absolutely miserable through second grade and they decided I should spend a year at a public school. I really enjoyed first grade, the first time round, and third grade was a blast. I was sent to St Raymond’s in fourth grade for the remainder of my primary education. I could not have been more disappointed. Did these people, making decisions on my behalf, have any clue? No. I never again enjoyed school. I made no effort but was bright enough to pass easily without it. I landed in a college prep program for my lack of effort. Before I could get through four years of high school I had been to two very good schools. Got thrown out of both and am still without a diploma. It is needless to say, but I have made some very bad choices.

That brings me back to my quest to find my child and his assorted joys and happiness. I discovered what I was looking for (I do all this by divination) was a demon. The demon I found has hidden in this recess for all this time. Like all demons it stays busy working to make someones life a permanent home for itself. It has populated the remainder of my life with its effort. Of course it needs my help to do this, that is the bargain. All demons have names and this one goes by Indifference. I have given it broad authority to pollute my life. I am trying to introduce it to this door called ,Love, but it does not want to go.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2012

Wooden Ships

The past and the future are intended to fix a moment, now, that can be used to unlock our secrets. The activities of the past determine the possible fates that then draw us forward. Now is the power of choice. We are charged with picking and choosing between the fates we have selected and positioned in the landscape that is our future. We steer our course drawn forward by these fates. We can change the landscape, that is time, giving redress to motive and unpinning the force associated with the past. Much of what we do, now, is with great force. That force broadcasts powerful images into our future. Expectations that are fates. A number of these fates are very powerful, strong enough to force the habits that make certain their fruition.

I have made a habit of unpinning the disastrous choices in my past and correcting the drift caused by their assorted fates. These corrections have now left me adrift looking for a new gravity to power how I am. It is a problem I have not faced before. The gravity of past and future mistakes is vacant and I am haunted only by their memories. It seems I have freed ‘now’ from many of the false constraints so common to being human. But what to do now? I hear the echos rattling around. Past attitudes like sirens calling my name. There is a certain combination, a key here that unlocks this secret. Will I get it right this time? Have I finally decided it is something I am willing to do? I hope so, otherwise it is wearing me out.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2012

Closing The Circle

We build walls or close loops. I do not see any other options. The closed loop is the seat of power, it is where who we are is also how we are. In building the ring, or closing the loop, we surrender to our true self and the soul finds its temporal temple. This is the seat of power. It is our only appointment in life. To do this requires magic, just like everything else in life. When we use the magic, that is truth, the illusion falls away and there is no wall. Even the walls that others build become transparent and a certain equilibrium seeps through acquaintance.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2012

There Is No Path. I Am Here Now

There is no path. There is only where I am. The path is illusory because it is an illusion. What would seem to be a path is gravity. We are collectors and we do so by our personal gravity, choice. As we collect we become more dense, less able to discern our true nature. We begin to see our self as what we have collected. We see our fellows by this same formula. While this real it muddles the truth and it is only true that it is real.

Is there another way? Yes. Using the metaphysics of spiritual truth we can release gravity and choose who we are over how we are. We are spiritual beings but gravity makes this difficult to see, to realize. Gravity forces us into a realm where our soul is a spectator. We invite our soul to be where we are by turning gravity off. When my spiritual interface is always that of approval, no matter what, gravity is switched off. This is a metaphysical switch. Spiritual truths and metaphysics are archetypal. For me I have to consider my personal archetypeture. I need to plan and design. I need to build this switch as well as the place it works. That is my mystic path. I am. I am here now.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2012