Angels In My Attic

Request, using known expectations, help from Angels. Known Expectations? What is known and expected of Angels? Much has been written about Angels and some of it I have found to be true. I have read very little, just enough to learn some names. It was interesting. I started with a biblical text and determined that the lesson to be learned from that story, was that it was a book of lies. I then discovered the book of Enoch. If you would like to learn Angelic names you would be well advised to consider this book. I read a few pages and while I did, I had the experience of reading between the lines. It was very exciting. I believe much of that text is also lies and the value is in making that determination. To read what was not written on the page was… wow.

In my experience of Angels I have found that asking for their help is very powerful. There is much that they can do that is of great help. They are busy doing it anyway but in asking them, there is a shift of dynamics. Doing this increases the likelihood that they will make themselves known. Their world is spiritual and when we behave in a spiritual manner, spiritual landscapes begin to take shape. We begin to see the world, the spiritual world, of which we are a part. Being incarnate is quite distracting and it is tempting to ignore all matters spiritual. It is possible to see the spiritual world while being incarnate and in doing this see the spiritual beings that populate it.

So what can we expect of Angels? We can expect that, for the most part, they go unnoticed. Spirit is their form. Light passes through them. They are not bound by the natural laws, of our temporal reality, in a way that is recognizable to me. Zateel introduced itself to me many years ago. I noticed an image, beyond the wall of the room in which I sat, It was off the ground by four or five feet on the same plane as the floor of the room I was in. In noticing Zateel I invited the angel to be my companion, or more accurately, accepted the invitation being extended to me. Zateel hung out with me for three days and was always accompanied by three cherub. It was very cool. I would be minding the business of my day and suddenly, notice their presence. This experience also made clear that they choose whether or not to present themselves. It would seem that a requirement, or commitment must be met, in order to notice them. A state of being that is a shared place. A certain disposition needs to be achieved and maintained over time. If we allow this disposition to become corrupted we lose sight of them.

When I write of ‘known expectations’ I refer to these experiences. I first noticed and maintained active relations with angels when I was doing work that had me asking assistance of them. In making such a request, over time, I migrate to a disposition that is a shared place. Recognition eventually matures and inevitably we see each other.

Michael, The Mystic Tourist ©2012

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